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Child Locator Gadgets keep Your Kids Safe With These Latest Tracking Devices

Updated on April 21, 2013
Child Locator Watch
Child Locator Watch | Source

Keeping Your Child Safe

Your children are the most precious thing in the world. And if there is one thing that makes a parent panic more than anything else, its the thought of losing them in some way. Every time they step outside the door, the first thought is always about safety. From a very early age a child is inquisitive and wants to explore their surroundings.

 When I was a child, and even when my son was small there was no such thing as Child Locators or gadgets, so every step had to be taken to keep them safe. We had restraints of course, the type that you put around their waist, and these were great, but that was the only thing that we could do.

We all know that sudden feeling of dread when he or she suddenly disappears around a corner, or gets lost in a crowd of people only to appear a few seconds later clutching something in their hands and asking mom to buy it for them, or wanting to know what it is. The feelings that go through you at that point is a mixture of relief and dread. This time your child was safe.

But what about next time? I remember when my son was two years old, and he wandered off behind a clothes rail when we were in a crowded market place. Just for a second my world dropped, I started to shake and a feeling of sheer panic ran down my back. When I saw him peering at me through the clothes giggling away to himself, I reached in and grabbed him to me. The hug that I gave him went on for at least two or three minutes. When they are this age you can keep them safe by just being there. If they do go missing for a second you are aware straight away and can find them almost immediately.

A Lost Child
A Lost Child | Source

The trouble starts when they grow older. Not old enough to keep safe on their own, but that age around nine or ten when they don’t want you to be with them all the time. The want to play with their friends. And this is the time when you start to need extra help. Of course all gadgets that can be fitted to a child are helpful from an early age, but this urgency grows as they get older.

Thank goodness that there are so many great new devices these days that will keep you in direct contact with your child. You don’t have to be breathing down their neck all the time, and more importantly these gadgets will give your child the chance to grow into an independent happy child who knows that their parents are always there on the end of the line.

Whether it be a key ring Child locator or even a Watch, the child will feel safe. And that is the most important thing in the World.

Mommy I'm Here


This Locator is a small two unit wireless device. The parent keeps the key ring tracking device, and the bear is clipped to either clothing or shoes on the child. If you notice that your child has wandered off to far, or you can't see him or her in the crowd, don't worry, all you have to do is press the button on the key chain and it emits an audible alert so that you can track it above the noise of the crowd.

With its 86 decibel alarm system you should be able to pick it out quite easily. And of course if you teach your child to stand still when the alarm goes of, it will be much easier for you to find each other. The advantage is that you can track more than one child with the key ring.

The Locator works at over 150 Feet distance.

Little Buddy GPS Tracker

This great little GPS Tracker keeps you informed with Real Time technology. Just pop it into your child's backpack, pocket or any other small hiding place, and you can get updates telling you exactly where he is and at what time. All you need is a PC or Smartphone.

Not only can you see where he is at a certain point in time, it will also alert you if he moves from the area that he is supposed to be in at that time.

 For example you can customise it so that each Lesson at school can be located and any deviation from that point will alert you automatically by sending you an email or text message! The alarm will also sound to let you know when you need to top up the battery. Great little device!

LOK8U NUM8 Child Locator GPS Watch

As you can see above, all the child GPS and Locator ideas are really good, but I think that far and away the idea of a GPS watch is the best that you can buy. Why? Well, the idea behind it is just so simple! Just buy your child a watch and keep an eye on them at the same time! How fantastic is that?

We all know that children lose things, and the problem with putting something in their pocket, or lunch box is just too tempting for them. Kids will swop things, lose them, stand on their heads and drop them out of their pockets, and the list goes on!

But you can't do that with a watch. Well, you can, but it's a lot more difficult for them, unless they really don't like wearing it, but that's another story! Seriously, not only does it tell the time, there's so much more too it.

This watch cannot be taken off without mom or dad receiving an email or text to let them know! Nu.m8 is the first locator that doesn't only locate the watch but the child wearing it. Once the watch is on his or her wrist, it becomes activated and you can track them in two ways. You can locate them on the map by using the website, obviously you will have to register the watch before using it. And the second way for you to track them is to locate them on your pc by email or text on your phone.

As well as technology to pre-determine Safe Zones in the same way as the other devices above, so that when the child goes outside the zone it will send you an alert to warn you. I love this idea, I just wish they had made them when my son was a child.

Child Locator Watch


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