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Cool and Useful Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets [Part One]

Updated on December 20, 2012

Let's talk about Android a bit. The highly acclaimed operating system for phones and tablets has gained wide success among users and basic reason why is because there is a huge selection of applications which can be found online. Any user can customize his portable device to his personal standards by grabbing applications from Google Play or from other websites which offer such software.
But just another article mentioning random apps which need to be bought?

Not really, because all applications which will be mentioned here are free and guaranteed to work flawlessly. I have personally tested all these (on two Android smartphones) and I am very satisfied with them. I am pretty sure that you will like most if not all of the apps I will mention, but even if you don't, then there's always an uninstallation option, right?

Antivirus Free is the mobile version of the world's most downloaded antivirus for computers, AVG Free. There are not many viruses for mobiles yet (this however, as professionals say, is about to change soon), but some users will surely find it better to protect themselves beforehand, just in case. AVG will work well and fast, will implement to the menus of the phone and will showcase some serious enemy to any malware that might find its way in your device. A really good and relatively good choice for any Android device.

Android Lost is a free application which will prove to be very useful if you ever lose your phone, but if it is stolen, too. User can install this on the phone and then can gain access remotely to the device through Internet browser. If the phone is misplaced and silent, setting it to vibrate for some time will show a hint to its owner as to where it is "hiding". If vibration cannot do the trick, then there are advanced options, like setting the alarm to ring bypassing silent mode. If the phone has been stolen, the owner can set the phone to take pictures, connect to GPS and send its location to the owner's e-mail address, and even more. Bad news for thieves, right?

Airdroid is simply awesome; it offers a truly remarkable wireless experience, because it allows file transferring, access to the phone's data and more, right through an internet browser. No more USB cables needed, because now user can move files between phone and computer wirelessly through a secure way. Of course, it takes a Wi-Fi wireless network on which both the computer and the smartphone must be connected.

Smart RAM Booster is my personal choice of an app that will clear up the memory from applications leftovers. Through a simple widget, the user can click the icon and the phone will recover unused RAM fast and efficiently. This will generally allow the smartphone to handle memory usage more effectively and can make multitasking on smartphone a much more interesting experience.

A Comic Viewer is just what its title says; comics fans can use this app to read their favorite comics through their portable device. It is simple to use, but does not lack advanced features.

Aldiko Book Reader is my personal selection of an e-book reader for Android. I like its interface, because it resembles a real library and shows the gallery of books with their own covers, making it easy to find the book I am looking for. navigation through pages couldn't be easier and the app itself is steady. What more is there to ask?

Cut The Rope is a game that can be quite fun to play and requires strategy and speed at the same time.

Live365 application can offer loads of radio stations streaming from allover the world. Coming from a top radio stations website ( it is fast and reliable and offers a huge number of radio stations of all different music genres. You will not have problem in finding your favorite stations with this impressive app and you can even set them to be your top stations if you have registered a free account at their website. Navigation and streaming speed are more than sufficient, but beware if your phone is on data plan because streaming radio can total to many MBs of usage. I personally use it on Wi-Fi only.

MapFactor Navigator is a free GPS navigation application with maps coming from many countries of the globe. Based on experience, some countries do not have very detailed maps, but the basics are there and the app itself makes up for it with some great graphics and interface and with its easy way in searching for streets or places of interest. If you do not want to pay for a premium GPS navigator such as NDrive or Sygic, MapFactor is the best choice for you.

Please feel free to add your own selection of Android apps in the comments or argue with my own.

Move on to Part II of this hub.


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    • iefox5 profile image


      8 years ago

      Android Lost seems great! A cool app helps us get the phone back.


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