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Cool and Useful Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets [Part Two]

Updated on July 15, 2012

To start with, you might want to check the first part of this hub
Cool and Useful Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets [Part One]

Moving on with more apps picks which might interest you, we got the following:

Meridian Media Player is, as its name shows, a mobile device media player for Android OS. With its intriguing interface and plethora of features on audio and video playback, it is a great selection for those users who like to keep themselves busy on-the-go with music or movies from their portable device. There are many mutimedia players in Google Play, but this is a personal favorite.

Teamviewer is a program which offers remote access to another computer through internet. The user can view the screen of the other computer, use its mouse and keyboard and in general have total control over it form large distance. This great software is now available for your mobile device, providing the same remote control abilities.

Tiny Flashlight + LED is my choice for a light source coming from my phone when I am at dark places. It is not something complex at all, but exactly what someone would need. A shortcut icon, a click and, voila, bright light coming from phone, enough to find your way in the dark.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator is a small and convenient scientific calculator which offers many mathematical expressions and can be very handy for the students or instructors.

Money Lover - Expense Manager is an organizer for financial transactions. User can keep track of his financial conditions, his expenses and debts, his loans and income. It is easy to use and works exactly as it should.

Messenger WithYou is my personal pick of a messenger application. I am a constant, everyday Live MSN user and I find it to be the most stable and easy to use among all messengers I have tried. For those of you who do not use Live Messenger, this is not an option, but you can find the relative messenger for your Android, for example Skype, or Yahoo Messenger.

Medieval Castle Defense and Towers N' Trolls are two tower defense games ( I am a huge fan!) which will keep you entertained for many hours. I prefer the first for its exquisite gameplay, but the second has slightly better graphics. I wonder which is your favorite tower defense game too. Please feel free to share your choice in the comments section.

Plumber is an entertaining puzzle style game. Your aim is to rotate the pipes in such way that the water can escape and find its way through them. Will you be fast enough before a flood occurs?

X Construction Lite is another interesting game, though it can be pretty hard at times. You need to connect the metallic bars in such way that they can support the train weight as it passes on the bridge you created. Is the bridge stable enough or you will cause the death of the passengers?

Please feel free to share your own software picks. Android offers so many different applications and I am always in the search for the next interesting game or cool app.


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    • tonja niemi profile image

      Tonja Niemi 5 years ago from Eagan, MN USA

      I use the flashlight app quite often! A friend suggested I get the app for keeping a grocery list. Thanks for the reminder that apps can be useful and fun.