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Could a Wacom Tablet Replace Your Mouse?

Updated on September 1, 2011

Wacom Tablet vs. Mouse

I have always been intrigued by Wacom Tablets. I have wondered how easy it would be to edit a photo or to sign my name on documents. I have tried to do both with my ordinary mouse and failed miserably.

My concern was and still is whether I could do the things that my ordinary mouse does well with a Wacom Tablet. Would I be able to get through my work as quickly as I do now? Does software react differently with the Wacom Pen than with a mouse pointer?

My research leads me to believe that most users of the Wacom Tablets are those that need the control of a pen to edit photos and that work with software programs such as Photoshop, CAD and anything that has to do with graphics, animation and illustration. That is not to say that other software programs such as Microsoft Office will not work with the Wacom Tablet and Pen. In fact Microsoft Office programs have integrated features that are specifically designed allow users to work with the Wacom Tablet and Pen to create a smooth workflow for those of us that are no necessarily the creative type.


The Wacom technology works well with both PC and Mac. Imagine the control you have with a touchscreen. A computer mouse is not designed to give you the control to outline an object, the smoothness to allow you to sign your name or the natural feeling of holding a writing instrument (pen or pencil) in your hand.

There is an option for users like myself. The Wacom Intuos3 uses a wireless (no battery needed) pen as well as a 5 button (no ball - no optics) mouse that not only allows for different computing needs but that also helps to relieve fatigue caused by long hours of computing.

Wacom tablets are available with both Bluetooth and USB connections. The tablets are available in different sizes that range from 4" x 6" to 12" x 19". They have various features built in that accommodate specific needs. Wacom also offers display monitors that are specifically designed to work with their wireless pens. These displays are often used by professionals such as doctors and presenters. The Cintiq 21UX measures over 21 inches and can not only be rotated and configured at variable angles - it can be removed from its stand to be used in your lap.


Unless you have a real need for the technology offered by a Wacom tablet, the price may make your computer mouse look pretty good. Hundreds of dollars separate the two. Also if you are a mobile user, a mouse is much easier to pack up and take with you. Depending on your needs a mouse may be the best choice. For example, my husband is a gamer and I cannot imagine him using an electronic pen to play.

There are so many variations of both the Wacom Tablets and Computer mice that it would be impossible for me to tell you about all of them. Look at the options on both Amazon and e-bay and you will probably be amazed.


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    • rooftopview profile image

      V Sridhar Subramaniam 5 years ago from Bangalore

      Hi Debbie, I have been using a Monoprice Tablet for the last two years. It has been effective in reducing my RSI wrist pain. In addition, the price point has been quite decent in comparison to the Wacom series.

    • rooftopview profile image

      V Sridhar Subramaniam 5 years ago from Bangalore

      Actually, your premise is quite correct. The Wacom Tablet is kind of pricey for being used as a mouse replacement. I have been using a simpler tablet (Monoprice) as a mouse replacement for the last 2 years and love it.

    • profile image

      Love Wacoms. 9 years ago

      Wacom tablets are wonderful! I have an Intuos at work and a Bamboo at home. They have replaced my mouse entirely. My wrist and arm feels great. I don't get that tension I used to get with a mouse. My workflow has improved tremendously because of them. For anyone who uses a computer everyday, the benefits are endless.

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

      I have never even heard of the Wacom up to this momemt. I like the idea.

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 10 years ago

      Very interesting, Debbie. I'll have to try this out.