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How To Develop iPad Apps and Make Even More Money!

Updated on March 30, 2012

iPad Design Apps Now.....

Apple iPad *See Hub Credits
Apple iPad *See Hub Credits

'Must Have' iPads Market Just Keeps on Growing

Starting up a company to develop and sell iPhone, iPod touch and iPad applications to a huge, hungry market has never been easier, since the launch last month of Apple’s new iPad. Over 1 million iPads have already been sold in the USA so far and that figure is set to rise astronomically as analysts expect estimated sales of between 4 and 7 million in this year alone with the launch of the iPad due out in 16 other countries, including the UK, on the 28th May. The iPad is truly another great Apple ‘must have’ device that devotees will purchase just to keep up with the trend.

News Update Re Apps Development eBook

Please note the apps development eBook that was originaly featured on this page is no longer available.

iPad Design Apps - Profit Margins On The Rise

It’s also a well known fact that within the first few hours of buying an iPad, most users download on average 3 applications for their new toy. This startling figure is borne out by the vast number of iPad apps that have been downloaded since its launch in the USA – some 12 million plus so far and still counting. There are currently 150,000 iPhone games and entertainment apps contained within the appstore and the iPad can run almost all of them. So the very fact that iPhone and iPad applications can potentially be sold to a dual market should highlight to any budding entrepreneurs out there, the extra financial advantage of developing apps, at this very moment in time.

If that isn’t incentive enough, then the ‘icing on the cake’ for current app developers is that the appstore is now building up a catalogue of apps that have been specifically developed for the iPad, some 5,000 plus to date. These iPad apps are designed to make the most of the large iPad display, 9.7 inch touch screen and powerful processor and therefore need to be of a better quality and build. As a consequence iPad apps are more than likely to cost double than those which have been developed for the iPhone, which all conveniently adds to the rising profit margins of a current app developer.

The Latest Apple iPhone Accessories.....

How To Design iPad Apps With No Programming Experience Required!

There’s never been a better time to get into app development than now, so what’s stopping you? Is it because you are not computer minded and don’t know the first thing about putting an app together? Don’t worry, let me reassure you that there are lots of app developers out there who are not technological whiz kids and don’t know the first thing about putting an app together, yet they already run successful and prospering app businesses. Why? Because clever app developers are able to come up with innovative and creative ideas for their apps, but they then have the good sense to call in the ‘experts’ when they need them. App development is not just about being a good software writer; it’s about having excellent skills in project management, organisation, marketing and creativity. Not quite convinced? Let’s take a look at a couple of examples......

Case Study No. 1.

App Developer: Owen Hunte

Company: Appnoose Ltd

Location: London, UK

Previous Job: Music producer/writer/remixer

Quote: “I don’t actually programme myself; I come up with the application concept and then relay them to my designer and programmer who are based in Belarus and Austin, Texas respectively. I’ve never actually spoken to either of them on the phone.”

Case Study No 2.

App Developer: Viacheslav Iushchenko

Company: OstinGames

Location: PaloAlto, CA, USA & Kiev, Ukraine

Previous Job: Author & producer of TV advertising videos

Quote: “I’m not a programmer and do not use the language of programming, so I have to find professional programmers, designers, marketers and organise effective work with them.....there are many experts with whom I collaborate in terms of outsourcing via the internet. These specialists are located in different countries and they perform various tasks."

** See Hub Credits

An Easy Marketing Strategy To Tempt Customers into Buying....

Whether you create an app yourself or get a programmer to do the work for you, you then need to develop a strategy to market your app. One of the best ways I know of is to develop two versions of your app, one which you can put out on the market for free, whilst the second app will be a fuller version, but with a decent price tag attached to it. Marketing your app this way will, if the free app is good and original in design, create you a mailing list of potential eager customers, especially useful for when you launch the fuller version later on and any other apps that you happen to develop in the future.

Expert Tutorial To Help You Market Apps Now Available

However, if you want to take the luck out of branding and selling applications on the internet by yourself and for next to nothing, I would recommend that you read the above eBook “How To Make Money With iPhone Applications” for inspirational ideas and a more organised approach to building up your very own app business. This eBook will get you started right now without having to invest lots of money, by showing you exactly how to develop ideas, create apps, find business partners, make money on your website, use an Apple account (if you don’t want to go it totally alone), brand, distribute and market any type of applications. 

What About Apple’s iPhone Developer Programme?

If you really don’t want to set up your own website, then remember you can still be free lance, but be part of Apple’s iPhone Developer Programme if you think that you may require extra support with your app business. You will need to register there as an iPhone application developer in order to get your Developer ID so that you can configure your bank account information and list all of your developed apps, free or otherwise, on their website. Apple’s iPhone developer programme provides a complete and integrated process for developing and distributing applications for iPhone, iPod touch and iPads and the cost is $99 for the Standard Program and $299 for the Enterprise Programme.

But before you decide to invest that kind of money, why not take advantage of this expertly written and very reasonably priced tutorial to see for yourself how easy and simple it is to get an app business up and running in a short space of time with little investment? I’m convinced it will only take you a few moments to decide that being your own boss and achieving financial independence forever, through developing iPhone, iPod touch and iPad applications, are goals worth studying for and working towards, even on your own!

Hub Credits

*Photographer: Francesco Marino

**Full interviews with these app developers and others can be found at iphone footprint


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