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Creating Your iPhone Apps with iPhone App Builder - No Programming Knowledge Required

Updated on April 4, 2013

Make Money with iPhone Apps

Technology reviewers and experts estimated that Apple App Store earned an average of USD200 million per month in 2009 and it is expected that this figure will increase in 2010. The real money maker is in this iPhone platform and if you have some knowledge in C programmings even the basics one, you are nuts if you don't join into this gold rush of iPhone apps. iPhone is definitely the most innovative Apple's product so far, at least in creating money making opportunities.

You might now be wondering that those opportunities are just for skilled programmers with tons of software developing experiences. Well, it's true if you said it ten years ago where everything was so limited but now as the internet is much more open, everything is possible. Anyone can do anything even if they can't do it themselves.

To create an iPhone app and sell in on App Store does not really require you to have any programming skills, it's good to have but definitely not a must. As long as you have an idea (perhaps a great one), you could be raking a lot of money from your apps.

When I learned about the story of Ethan Nicholas, the creator of 'iShoot', I was really inspired to build one of my own. In case, if you haven't heard of Ethan, he was the person that raked in US$600,000 from a little iPhone app game that he created from scratch. He barely know any programming language or coding skill when he made the app but he was determined enough to learn it. He was cradling his one year old child in one hand and the other doing the coding. It was not easy for him as he spent eight hours a day to build the game.

To get going with building my first app, I did some researches on the net and to my surprised I had discovered a cool and fun way of building apps instead having to mess with the programming codes.


iPhone Apps Builder

My App Builder is the name of the application that can build your apps without you have to know any programming language. If you have seen or used any WYSIWYG website builder where all you need is to drag and drop element into your web pages without seeing the html code, you will definitely love this one.

Based on the same concept, My App Builder enables you to do the same when building you iPhone apps. Just drag and drop the elements that you want to have inside your app and it will be built exactly what you have wanted it to. It's just building made easy!

There are lots of different things that you can do with this application, your are only limited by how far you can go with your imaginations. Be creative and you are on your way to build a great piece of iPhone application.

Building iPhone Apps Tips

Here are some of the tips that you can follow:

  1. Incorporate video and multimedia into your apps. If you browse over at App Store or downloaded a few free applications, you will find that some of them are more of an animation video. Just integrate this feature into your apps and it should be a good start.
  2. The keyword here is 'fun'. Create anything that is fun to play with. Take 'iFart' as the example, it is nothing more than an app that make farting sound (real sound recorded and put into the app) and you know what, even celebrities bought it.
  3. Integrate an ebook into the app. There is one marketer who put in a short report that he has written into an iPhone app. The app become a viral marketing for the business that he runs.
  4. The most common one, put music into your apps. If you can produce lovely musics that would be great; if not pay someone to produce it or search for loyalty free musics. Some need you to pay and some are definitely free.

These are just some of the simple tips that you can use to get you started. For even more bizarre ideas, it is not other than pay a visit to App Store. Look what other people have done and copy them but make yours better and greater. Check out app builder yourself!

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Creating iPhone App

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  • ashley359 profile image

    ashley359 6 years ago

    Wow fantastic great info! Thanks for the great sharing

  • AllyWally profile image

    AllyWally 8 years ago from Subang, Malaysia

    Hmm.. Never know that there's a way to create iphone apps at home. Thanks for that info.