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How to Make iPhone Apps for Beginner

Updated on April 9, 2013

iPhone - The Bestseller in US

In 2009, iPhone was voted as the most popular mobile phone in US. This was based on the units that have been sold by Apple last year. Just everyone that you meet in the street is crazy about iPhone and I guess that at least 60 percent of the people that you meet will at least own an iPhone. The sleek and iconic design of the iPhone and the great features that it possesses has made it one of the most irresistible tech gadgets available in the market.

Up until December last year, statistics showed that a total of 2.5 billions apps have been downloaded from App Store. Imagine the craziness and influence of iPhone over its users. It's truly amazing if you would like to ask me.

Since the market for iPhone Apps is so big, now have you wondered if you can build an iPhone apps and sell it on App Store?

Making Awesome Money with iPhone Apps

There were already few big success stores featuring people that made hundreds thousands of dollars from just creating a tiny iPhone apps that sells like crazy on App Store. Have you heard of Ethan Nicholas? He is the creator of 'iShoot', a tiny shooting game that made him as much as US$600K in the first two months when the apps gone on sale. Steve Demeter, the creator of another game known as 'Trism' raked in around US$250K in two months time. Joel Comm, an internet entrepreneur make US$100K in a single month with a tiny fun app calls 'iFart'.

To even blow my mind, today local newspaper reporting about a 10 year old Singaporean boy that has started to create iPhone apps and selling it on App Store. He might not be earning big but he starts early and on his way to become a mobile phone application developer. The news also quoted him saying that iPhone is becoming so popular that there are opportunities to be made in creating and selling iPhone apps. The market is there.

iPhone Apps Building Tips

Like what the 10 year old Singaporean boy, I always believe that the world is never not enough, there is always room for everyone to squeeze in. All it takes is just new ideas and inspirations.

Now in creating iPhone apps, you might think that it's hard to come out with another bestseller. There will also be bestseller is just a matter if you can come out with an unique app that nobody has yet made. For instances, you are browsing App Store looking for certain apps and after spending hours of searching, you learned that such app does not exist.

Or perhaps you bought an app and you love it very much but sooner or later you think that it could be further improved by adding some new features and designs. Copying the same apps is illegal but if you can build one that compliment each other or perhaps have a small JV with the original creator and that will be great.

In the above two cases, you have just fount your very own niche or idea for your iPhone app. Now it is just a matter to learn how to make one that will surely capture the interest of your audiences and which at the same time making you money.

There are actually two ways to build your own apps:

1) To Outsource it - There are companies and freelancers that could do the job for you. The charge will normally depend on the type of apps (how complicated it is) that you are creating. Unless you have connections or have buddies that know about apps building, be prepared to spend up to 10K or more, at least this is the normal figure that quote for businesses.

2) To Build it Yourself - This is the cheapest way because you are actually doing the coding yourself and all you need to spend is your time and energy. However, this route will be better off if you have some knowledge in coding and programming skills.

Fast Tips On Creating Your iPhone Apps

Below are some tips that you can follow when creating your first iPhone app.

  1. The very first thing that you must consider is to find out what is the demographics value of your market. Find out what type of people that will most likely enjoy and purchase your product. Ask it is for businessman?, young teens?, women? and etc. Targeting the wrong audience will cause your products unsellable. If you already have a specific target segment in mind, go and research more about their interests, hobbies, behaviors, concerns and preference. Make your apps so that it can cater all the mentioned elements. One thing that you mustn't forget (the most important point) are they buyers?
  2. The second thing is about your app. If you have browse through App Store categories, you will always find that bestseller are always entertaining and fun. No body will ever want a boring apps to sit on their phone even if it is useful. One of the greatest example is Apple itself, all the things that they sell is more towards to entertainment even if it is for business and computing use. Besides, in order for your apps to sell longer, you have to make sure that the initial hype that you generate can last long. For that, it is very important that you constantly develop an app that meet the expectations of your audience. Every feature you add in is something they are looking for.
  3. The third point that you got to remember is always keep yourself updated with all the tech news, trends and catches that interest your audience. This will enable your product last longer. You can subscribe to magazines or read tech and gadgets blogs. Subscribe to their RSS even better.
  4. The last thing that you can do to minimize your investment is test drive some of the apps that you are interest in. There are all sort of free download apps that you can test. Even if you need to buy some apps, go ahead; it's the fastest time to learn when you are experiencing them yourself. Following the free download route, you can create a free version of your apps and let people to get it free and if the like it, they will surely go ahead and purchase the pay version. Ethan Nicholas employed this strategy when selling his 'iShoot' game and that made him more than half a million.

Creating a Simple iPhone App

How to Build an iPhone App that Doesn't Suck

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