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Custom Flash Drives

Updated on January 10, 2010

USB drives are a compact memory storage unit that connects to a computer via USB port. With their large data capacity and quick upload/download times, they are extremely popular. As with most computer peripherals, USB drives can be customized in a variety of ways. Custom logos, art, graphics and text can be placed on the body of the drive to provide limitless customization. Besides the “cool factor” of a custom drive, there are other reasons why individuals and businesses would want to customize these devices.

Custom USB flash Drive
Custom USB flash Drive

Promotional Potential

Any item that is frequently used and seen has great potential as a promotional product. Entrepreneurs and businesses take advantage of this by placing their logo, email address or even phone number on the body of the drive. Once ordered in bulk quantities, they are distributed to current and potential customers. A drive with a decent amount of memory can be mass produced within a reasonable price range. The high value combined with low cost to the advertiser makes this an ideal marketing method. There is a good chance that individuals who receive these devices will put them to good use, thereby spreading the word about the company. Individuals who are not particularly computer savvy might give it to a friend or family member who does. Most promotional products such as magnets and pens have little value to the consumer. Custom flash drives have long term value, and are certainly not destined for the garbage any time soon.

Design Ideas

Custom USB flash drives are accessible to companies of all sizes. Promotional messages can be placed on a drive in the form of text and logos. A background color or graphic can be chosen that matches your company brand. You want to make sure that your message looks appealing and not tacky or outdated. Consider using different fonts, font sizes, and colors to get your message seen. Bold and bright colors are better eye catchers. Try to make the text as large as possible while still fitting it on the drive. Print your message on both sides of the drive if your budget allows for it. Design printers will most likely require a minimum purchase amount when you request a custom job (although some companies offer no minimum orders). Generally, the more you buy, the less you will pay per piece.

Manufacturers can even put your full color logo on the front of the drive. While this may cost more, it is an excellent to spread your brand. It is important to show your website address (assuming you have one) or other contact information. Unless you’re a big brand, people might not have any idea of what your company does. Do you sell products or services? Tell the consumer what you offer them in a short but to-the-point blurb.

Memory Capacity

Keep the consumer in mind when choosing the features of your customized flash drives. If your company produces a product such as stuffed animals for example, your customer base will probably not require a large amount of storage space. A data capacity of 128mb to 512mb should be enough. However, if you are targeting a crowd with technical experience, such as programmers or photographers, I suggest equipping your drives with a larger capacity. I suggest a data capacity of at least 1 gigabyte. Greater data storage capabilities are in demand as files get larger and people use computers more. If your product does not meet the needs of the consumer, chances are they will toss it aside. However, there is great potential in providing a free product that works well and is dependable. There is a very good chance that person will remember and talk about your company.


You may or may not be aware that there are different speeds of USB drives. Known as USB 1.0, these drives are outdated and would not be wise to purchase. While most companies have stopped making them, you may come across cheaper models still available. Most drives are made with the much faster version, USB 2.0. I suggest purchasing as high of quality as you can afford, as this makes a strong statement about the quality, reliability and integrity of your company.Customized USB flash drives offer data transfer speeds suitable for most applications.

Custom USB Drive Printing Service


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