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Points of Concern for a Data Center

Updated on September 14, 2015
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Data center consists of a huge group of networked computer servers used by the typical organization or firm or company to store, process and distribute huge amounts of data.

Typical basic elements of a data center

  • Computer servers
  • Storage media
  • Power or UPS backup
  • Secured and safe environment
  • Air conditioning chiller units

Data Center
Data Center

Data center is quite sensitive segment for the owner company. It contains vital data and uptime must be kept at maximum for the successful running of the business.

Round the clock monitoring and administration is required to look after and maintain the normal operational status of the data center. Power backup and temperature controlling plays a critical role in the successful operation of the data center.

The risk and recovery management covers the situations with unexpected malfunction and disaster incidents. State of the art fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems are installed in the data center building.

Common POC (Point Of Concern) for a data center are:

  • Adopting Strict Authorized Access to the building and server rooms
  • Fire detection, protection and extinguishing arrangement
  • Ensuring uninterrupted power supply by putting UPS and generator level power backups
  • Maintaining regular backup to conduct recovery if case of data loss
  • Hardware stability and preventing hardware failure and backup server arrangement for emergency situation
  • Maintaining recommended room temperature
  • Maintaining standard air humidity level

Common POC (Point Of Concern) for a data center
Common POC (Point Of Concern) for a data center

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