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How to Protect Your Kids from Online Predators

Updated on August 24, 2009

This is very common issue in the internet these days. Everybody is so much involved in the internet including kids at minor ages. You may find them usually playing games online, giggling in chat rooms, making friends at social networking sites, video streaming, sound trippin, downloading files and browsing unkown and unauthorized websites without supervision. But don't you know that this is how Online predators find their prey.

Online predators takes advantage of the same pathway, attracting kids to get them hooked with what they like doing online and moment's later you find that your computer starts to malfunction; beeping sounds, window errors popping out and slowly system files starts missing one by one, until nothing is left but a blank screen on your desktop. This are the effect of the harmful threats brought to us by spywares, adwares and malwares from the internet.

Although there may be a handful of antivirus softwares that have existed today, still they have been outnumbered by the number of malicous softwares that have been spreading accross the internet and through removable mediums and not all computer security softwares are able to provide 100% protection to your computer. Most of them are very expensive yet ineffective in removing malwares and preventing incoming attacks. However there is one software able to deal with these things all at once. It may sound unreal but Bitdefender at a very low price, 1/3 the size of normal antivirus softwares is able to provide protection to your PC as close as 100%.

It has been known to be the most hard working Antivirus, Antispyware software in the planet. Removing 98% of all viruses and spywares and preventing incoming threats from coming in.

Speaking of Online Predators, The Bitdefender Total Security , is able to prevent kids from getting to them. With it's Parental Control, it is able to block access to inappropriate websites, emails and limits kids access to internet, games at a certain period of time. With this feature it would keep your family safe and your computer all the time.

This is the perfect Antivirus Security for your Computer. Providing you complete Protection; firewall, parental control and backup at a price you can afford.

Bitdefender Total Security Features

  • Parental Control
  • Antispam
  • FireWall
  • Tune-up Utilities
  • Online Backup


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