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Delete/Clear Username Or Email From Web Form or Sign in Box (Firefox or Internet Explorer)

Updated on February 14, 2011

Remove Username or Email Address From Web Form or Sign in Box

There are several reasons why a drop down box will appear on a sign-in page or a web form. It could be a cookie on the browser that is storing a setting or it could be the data stored in the form memory of the browser.

If you are looking to remove a username, email address and password etc from the drop down boxes on a sign in page then I have a really cool power tip for you to try...

Get the drop down box to appear, move your cursor over the box and hold down "shift" on your keyboard, now whilst holding this key down hit "del". The username/emaill address should disappear.


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Tested on Firefox and Internet Explorer

I have tested it on Internet Explorer and Firefox and it works just fine. Internet Explorer may ask you to confirm the action via a pop up box.

You Could Also Try (in Firefox 3.6)

Click "Tools"

Then "Options"

Then "Security"

Then select "Saved Passwords"

Select "Show passwords" (if you need to see the passwords)

You can now select and delete any usernames/passwords stored in Firefox


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    • profile image

      Andy 5 years ago

      Thanks for providing this information - it worked very well.

      Regarding your heartburn- have you ever tried ginger? I have used ginger powder mixed with a little water - it usually resolves the problem in a few minutes.