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Dictation Machines - Buy A Philips Digital Kit Voice Recorder and Transcription Kit

Updated on March 14, 2011
Buy a Philips digital dictation kit
Buy a Philips digital dictation kit

Buy A Philips Digital Dictation Kit

There are several different kinds of dictation and recording products that you could consider buying. Therefore you will certainly want to make sure that you know exactly what is available as well as what it is that you need in order to choose the most appropriate system.

This is the type of quality item that all professional entrepreneurs need to possess as a part of their office and admin backup equipment. The awareness that the information you compile on a day to day basis is recorded on a good piece of equipment is undoubtedly an important asset. If you are often going to things such as meetings, seminars or if you're collecting your own notes, you will be able to be confident that the data recorded can be put in an orderly fashion.

The Philips Digital Kit Voice Recorder & Transcription System

If you are searching a quality high performing digital dictation machine then you may like the look of the Philips Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit. This is the sort of item that will be very good in any office.

Along with this product you can expect to get all the vital appliances to be able to connect it onto your computer or laptop and use it straight away because it is PC compatible.

You will have the capacity to keep all your recordings and transcriptions in an orderly condition as this programme is sold with a selection of folders for easy file management.

The Philips Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit boasts a removable SD memory card. This is actually a 1 GB memory card. If required you might also decide to increase the amount of memory to a total of 2 GB.

The capacity of recording time that is available with this device is as high as a remarkable 260 hours and this total gets even higher when you're recording on the memory card.

To be able to transfer your information from the dictation system onto your computer or laptop, simply attach the systems using the USB cable lead which comes in the price.

This is just one example of the type of dictation machine that is currently available to buy online today. Compare and contrast the different brands and you are sure to find the perfect system for your needs.


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