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Dictations Machines - Where To Buy A Dictation Machine

Updated on March 14, 2011
Dictation Machine For Sale
Dictation Machine For Sale

Buy A Dictation Machine

Dictation machines have come a long way since they were first introduced half a century ago. Where once they were bulky tape recorders with microphones, you can now find dictation machines that are digital and do not even require a tape. You can also find ones that take the small cassette tapes used in most transcription machines, although they are much smaller than they used to be.

The first thing to consider when buying a dictation machine is how the information will be transcribed. Transcription machines found today use small mini cassettes. If your secretary will be transcribing with one of these, make sure your recorder takes these types of tapes.

Transcription can also be done today on the computer using digital files, with or without a foot pedal. If you prefer this method, or if your transcriptionist is not local to your office, you will want a recorder that holds digital files.

There are also many features to consider when buying dictation machines, regardless of which type you will buy. If you are looking at traditional dictation machines, you will want to be sure it has a good microphone and records clearly. It should also have an easy way to rewind and fast forward in short bursts.

If you are looking at digital dictation machines you will want to look for these features as well as others. Look at what the storage capacity is, and how easy it is to manage the files digitally, both on the machine and on your computer. Some digital recorders also allow for other file storage like a USB file storage device or flash drive. It is up to you if you require this feature or not.

Once you have decided what type of dictation machines to look at and what features you want, it is time to start shopping! You can find either type of dictation machines at your local tech shop, such as Best Buy or Radio Shack. Sometimes you can get better deals at these locations by shopping online. If you decide to buy online, shop around for the best quality recorder at the best price. This is especially important if you are going to be buying several dictation machines at once.

When you are ready to buy a dictation machine do not forget accessories. You will definitely need batteries, and you may wish to have headphones as well. Additionally, you will need mini cassette tapes if you decide to go with the more traditional models.


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