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Differences between Second Generation Kindle and Latest Generation Kindle

Updated on August 13, 2010

Kindles on Amazon

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The Latest Generation Kindle has some great new innovations that make it considerably better than the old Kindle and the price is the same. If you don’t own a Kindle then the Latest Generation Kindle maybe for you.

The new Kindle has all the same functions as the old Kindle. It has a 6 inch screen which is easy to read both in artificial light and outside in sunlight. The Kindle also has an easy to use interface and a free connection to the internet via 3G connectivity. And of course access to the massive Kindle library of new and old books.

It is this massive back catalogue of books that you can quickly download (and even quicker with the Latest Generation) which is the real secret to Kindle’s success. Unlike imitators, Kindle gives you access to literally millions of books, magazines, newspapers and journals and much of it free to. The Kindle catalog of books contains over 600,000 titles that you can buy and over 1.8 million free titles. These free titles include all the out-of-copyright classics published before 1923. For these titles alone it is worth spending the $200. Now you can own a library of great works of writing more impressive than your local library. And it is literally free. There are no hidden monthly fees or downloading charges. The Kindle network stretches over 100 countries and in many countries coverage is nearly universal.

Kindle Comparison

Comparison between second generation Kindle and latest generation Kindle
Comparison between second generation Kindle and latest generation Kindle

New Improvements

So what improvements have the makers of Kindle added to the new Kindle? Well here is a summary in bullet points:

  • All-new high contrast screen
  • Easier to read fonts
  • 21% smaller body while maintaining the same 6 inch screen
  • Graphite casing
  • 15% lighter – now only 8.7 ounces
  • Double the memory – up to 3,500 books
  • Faster download times
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 20% faster page turns
  • Enhanced PDF reader with dictionary, notes and highlights    Voice guide read-to-me menus
  • Ability to store and play mP3 and other audio files
  • New webkit-based browser

Latest Generation Kindle - easier to read.
Latest Generation Kindle - easier to read.

These improvements make the Latest Generation Kindle lighter, more portable and easier to read than the Second Generation Kindle. The voice guide read-to-me menu also makes it easier for those people with poor eyesight to access the audio files that come with many of the books.
Also the extra connectivity to the internet via Wi-Fi is an interesting addition. It gives the user another option to download books if they are outside a 3G zone and also opens up more internet browsing options. Combined with the experimental web browser it means that the user has access to more of the internet and suggests the Kindle is moving to full internet compatibility. There is a microphone jack on the side and it looks like the Kindle might well handle Skype in the future, making the Latest Generation Kindle a possible tool for communication.

This, however, still belongs to the future. Meanwhile the Latest Generation Kindle represents the best digital reading device on the market, not only in terms of technology but also in terms of titles available for download.


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