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Kodak EasyShare P725 Digital Frame

Updated on August 13, 2010

Buy a Kodak EasyShare P725 Digital Frame

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Nowadays everyone has a digital camera or a camera function on their mobile phone. People take thousands of pictures because now computers, memory sticks, external hard drives and USB flash sticks have big memories that can store what seems an infinite number of photos. The problem is that most people don’t have any way of showing family and friends their photos other than by using Facebook or some such similar site. Facebook is great but for many people looking at a computer is anti-social. I used to love flicking through photo albums – mine and other people’s – but now it seems nobody has photo albums anymore. The reason is that it seems unnecessary to print digital photos. And indeed it is. The answer is to buy a digital photo frame.

The Kodak EasyShare P725 Digital Frame costs under $80 and is the best digital photo frame on the market. Kodak for decades has been making the best film and now they carry on their tradition of making high quality camera equipment with their EasyShare P725 Digital Frame which features proprietary Kodak color Science Technology for crisper detail and more vibrant colors.

The Kodak EasyShare Digital Frame has a generous 7 inch (17.8cms) display screen and has a stand so you can put the digital frame on your office desk or on your sideboard like you would a regular photo frame, only this digital photo frame runs through a slideshow of up to 4,000 of your pictures. It is very easy to load your photos onto the 512 MB internal memory either via a USB flash drive or a camera memory stick. And it is just as easy to operate the digital photo frame. You simply use the one click controls to choose from three choices of transition and three choices of duration. What could be easier?

Another great thing about the Kodak EasyShare Digital Frame is that it comes with an Energy Star approved AC adapter which means the Kodak EasyShare digital frame uses less electricity compared to other makes of digital photo frame. The display is also mercury-free. These two features make the Kodak EasyShare P725Digital Frame environmentally friendly. Other makes of digital photo frame are also inferior because they are set to the ratio of 5:3 (wide screen) which is inconvenient because digital photos work on the ratio of 4:3. This means that unlike cheaper and more inferior digital photo frames the Kodak EasyShare Digital Frame doesn’t stretch your photos or show them with black or white spaces at the top and bottom. Instead your photos fit the screen perfectly and indeed are enhanced by Kodak color technology.

So make the most of your digital photos and buy a Kodak EasyShare P725 Digital Frame. That way you can start enjoying your photos in your everyday life, not just when you are stuck in front of your computer bored and idly clicking through Facebook. Photographs are memories of your life. They are thus too precious to be hidden away on a folder somewhere in your computer.


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