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Dish Network Chinese Packages

Updated on February 24, 2014

Dish Network through its international packages offers some of the best Chinese programming in America.  What options should you consider when looking at the satellite TV providers that offer Chinese language programming?

Taiwanese Mega Pack

The Taiwanese Mega Pack brings you the highest-rated channels from Taiwan and excellent digital quality. This package includes 16 high-quality Chinese channels that broadcast 24 hours a day, bringing you the best political talk shows, news, variety and entertainment shows, dramas, movies and children's programs from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.

When signing up for the Taiwanese Mega Pack you also receive free equipment and standard professional installation, a free DVR upgrade, as well as access to international programming without any additional initial costs. This package is available for a monthly fee of $39.99, and if you do opt for your DVR upgrade, it will incur an additional service fee of $5.98 per month.

Another excellent package for Dish Network Chinese audiences is the Taiwanese Super Pack which includes 8 Chinese language channels from ETTV. You'll be able to watch the latest news, current events, dramas, entertainment and more in 100% digital quality and sound straight from China, Japan and Taiwan, 24 hours a day. Some of the channels included in this package are ET drama, ET global, ET news, ET China, YOYO TV, JET TV International, SETI and iCable. You can either pay the $29.99 monthly fee, or choose the discounted plan by paying $329.89 as an annual payment, giving you one month for free.

Great Wall Package Options

A new Dish Network offer is the Great Wall TV package, which broadcasts 24 hours a day and includes 19 Chinese language channels. You'll have access to six of the best entertainment channels from CCTV, nine provincial channels from China and four channels from Networks beyond China, all in excellent digital quality. This excellent package is available for a monthly fee of $32.99, or at an annual cost of $362.89. If you sign up with commitment for this package, you will be eligible for the same offers as the Taiwanese Mega Pack.

If you're on a budget and would rather keep your entertainment costs down, but still feel the need to keep connected with your roots, Dish Network Chinese has a solution for you. It’s the Chinese elite pack that features the most popular channels from mainland China bringing you the latest news, dramas and movies as well as excellent variety and entertainment shows, all in digital quality, for one low monthly fee of $14.99.

If none of the previously mentioned, predesigned packages quite fit the bill in terms of what you are looking for, then you have the option of personalizing them with Dish Network Chinese A La Carte offer. You can include channels such as the Phoenix North America Chinese Channel, which provides the latest news and entertainment from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, as well as other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chinese Programming

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DISH Great Wall Package


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