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Buy Disney Netpal by ASUS netbook laptop for girls online now.

Updated on December 31, 2010

Great Pink Laptop for Girls

Recently I was asked to have a look online for a laptop for my niece who is 7 years of age. This laptop would be bought by her grandma who was happy to buy the right laptop for the right price but has neither the time or knowledge to make the choice.

In my searches I came across the 'Disney Netpal' by Asus and was really take by it. The look is likely to appeal to a young girl like my niece who is a girly girl who loves pink enough to ask for it in particular in a laptop. The look is right and ticks the right box for my niece as far as what she knows to ask for.

On top of it being a pretty laptop for my little princess of a niece its functionality is very appealing. I would encourage you to keep reading if you have not already fallen in love with this one for the little princess in your life.

Disney Netpal specs.

The first point to cover with this laptop is the web-safety features for you kids. A worry these days in regards to what kids are doing online is, what sites are they visiting and who are they being exposed to.

If you have been watching the news lately you may have heard stories about child grooming as well as cyber bullying. With this laptop parents can pull up the data as to where their child has spent their time and how long in the disney browser.

As well as being able to determine what you child is doing online you can also easily set permissions so as to block websites and to pre-select email correspondence. This disney netpal creates a web safe computing environment and can even give an automated means of granting access through a scheduled calendar.

This kids laptop has more features that are bound to be loved by your child. The disney desktop, applications and widgets are easy to use and very kid friendly. Out of the box the disney browser will launch many kid friendly disney websites for kids to explore. Your child will be happy using this out of the box as well as they grow older because of the choice to use windows XP home as the platform that allows for furture software installations. One such program is the Microsoft Office program that will help them with school projects to come. This really is a computer your kid can learn and grow up with.

The last bit to cover is the durability of this machine. This kids laptop includes Shock Shield data protection that guards against the loss of data when the computer is subjected to impacts. With a spill proof keyboard that protects against liquid spills this laptop is excellent for a kids first computer.

A range of images of this laptop plus screen savers and more!

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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Looks like a great introduction to these maddening machines. Thanks for the hub. Oh- I do think they're necessary- evidently. Thanks