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Buy Pink Laptop Sleeves Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Protect your Laptop in Style

You are likely to think of typical boring laptop bags when thinking about how to protect your laptop when on the go. Laptop bags are a sturdy and effective way to protect your laptop but the majority of them are as dull as dishwater. If you would like more choice and fashionability then you might want to read about laptop sleeves. Laptop sleeves can protect your laptop as well as providing protection.

What makes laptop sleeves stand out is that there is a wider range of options to choose from. Laptop sleeves are are designed to be light weight and small as opposed to big and bulky laptop bags. The only major drawback is that with a light weight design you will not have loads of pockets for the laptops accessories like a recharger or mouse.

A laptop sleeve will protect your laptop from scratches and scuffs as well as being water resistant. Sleeves can be made from a range of materials such as neoprene. Neoprene is well known for its insulation properties and can help keep your laptop cool in hot weather (unless the laptop was hot when you put it in, then the heat is retained).

Versatility of Laptop Sleeves

There is much versatility with laptop sleeves. A laptop sleeve that has not handles or carry straps offers scuff, scratch and water resistance and is great for fitting into a school bag or any other carry all that you might use. The advantage here is that your laptop is protected with a light weight sleeve and you can use your normal bags for carrying it plus any other stuff you will be carrying anyway. This would be a great way to carry your laptop on a plane as you do not want to be carrying your laptop bag, a purse and some carry on luggage. With this you can cut back to your purse and carry on luggage with your laptop (in sleeve) in whichever is most convenient. I go for small purses so for me it would be the carry on luggage.

Some laptop sleeves do sport handles and adjustable straps for easy carrying and you can use ones that do have a small pocket for carrying papers. I predict that laptop sleeves will grow in popularity as the bulky boring black laptop bag is replaced for a fresh light weight laptop skin with fashion and versatility catching peoples eye.

A last word. Laptop sleeves are typically very easy to clean. You will want to check with the manufacturer of yours first but you should find that it is perfectly safe to throw your laptop sleeve in a cold temperature laundry wash. If you choose to take this light weight option for protecting your laptop you may have noticed in a few of the advertisements that they come with a free matching laptop skin and I will add a link to my article about laptop skins so you can learn more. Laptop skins are pretty cool.  :)


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      jazzalicious 8 years ago

      Gotta say I love the pink Elvis laptop sleeve!