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Why Does Bubblews Stop Paying Members?

Updated on February 20, 2014

All over the internet there are articles about Bubblews. Is Bubblews a scam? Do Bubblews actually pay their members and should you write on this site? Well I am here to give you the facts from my experience of this new site that has recently become very popular indeed. We will look at reasons why Bubblews has stopped paying members and who they do actually pay. We will also have a look at the site itself and what to expect if you join.

Bubblews seems to be a unique kind of site that combines a writing platform with social media and news. It’s unlike other sites on the internet and it really is hard to actually categorise it. The site appeared early in 2012 and in just over a year it has exploded and now has hundreds of thousands of members and this number is growing fast. The idea behind the site is that you can earn money by writing simple little articles or ‘Bubbles’ as they are known. Earning on the site is very easy and you earn $0.01 every time your Bubble is viewed, liked or commented on. So, is this a legit site or is it just another scam?

The Bubblews Site

Is Bubblews A Scam?

Well put quite simply no it is not. There is a ‘But’ though, more on that later. This site would not have lasted this long if it did not pay SOME of it’s members. Members who write on there and follow all the rules could well start to earn money. Bubblews pay via Paypal or you can actually ask for a cheque, although this method often seems to have problems. When I first joined the site back in May 2013 I received a good few eChecks from the site and was very happy with my earnings.

So the reality is that the site is not a scam, they will pay members and you can earn money on there. However, there is a very serious issue with payment. Unlike here on Hubpages where payments are closely regulated and you know that if you earn the money you will get paid, things are very different over on Bubblews. The site owners seem to pick and choose who to pay and who not to. In some cases people do break the rules, they post spam or plagiarised content or maybe they don’t write the full 400 characters that you must write. In these cases it is fair enough, the people breaking the rules do not deserve to get paid, but what about people who do not break any rules.

Have Your Say On The Matter

Have You Had Payment Problems Using Bubblews?

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Why Does Bubblews Stop Paying Members?

As I mentioned I have been a member over there since May. That is around 4 months. For the first few months I loved the site, I wrote lots of content and started to see organic traffic coming in from search engine land. I was a happy camper as I watched the eChecks come rolling into my Paypal account. Then all of a sudden the payments stopped.

Usually a payment takes around 72 hours to be processed when you have clicked the redeem button. When no payment arrived I waited around a week, then I emailed the support team. Around this point I redeemed again, this time three days later my payment came through. I was very relieved but still upset one payment had gone missing. When it came time to redeem again I clicked the button, this time again there was no payment after 72 hours. It is now a month later, I have four missing redemptions totalling well over $200. That is a lot of money to someone who relies on their freelance writing income. So obviously I have tried contacting the support team over on Bubblews to find out what is going on.

My Most Recent Unpaid Redemption Stats

Contacting Bubblews Support

There are two members who act as support for Bubblews. Considering there are several hundred thousand members this seems a little odd. After sending an email around a week later I did get a response saying they would review my account. Then a few days later Bubblews Support posted a bubble with a big long list of accounts that were up for review, this was called ‘Batch1’. This gave me and around 200 other members some hope that things would be sorted. So I waited, then waited some more, then I waited again. Nothing happened. A few days after posting the Batch 1 list the support team deleted the post so people could no longer see the list of accounts. That was around three weeks ago now.

There has been no contact from Bubblews to myself since that point. I have sent several emails and also posted on the support pages with no reply. I have contacted other members on the ‘Batch 1’ list and they have not heard back for the site either. I actually copied the list of names when the post was still active so I have a list of all the accounts that were said to be up for review. I am yet to hear from a member who has had a positive result.

Bubblews Epic Fail

Bubblews Is Failing It's Members

The content I write on Bubbles is my own, the bubbles I write bring in around 500 views a day from Google, yet all this exposure I am giving to Bubblews is going unrewarded. My last redeem was at over $100 as you can see from the picture I have posted. I have worked hard for that money and I deserve to be paid. I have broken no rules and I have done nothing wrong. There are other members out there in the same position as me, they write good content and for some reason they do no get paid.

If the people who run the site do not pay their members then people are going to start leaving the site very quickly. There is also a legal matter to look at, if payment has been promised and no rules have been broken, then the site is in effect in breach of contract and legal action could be taken against it. This is something that I think could well happen if things are not resolved at some point soon and it is something I am looking into myself. I am hoping though it will not come to this and things can be resolved amicably.

The Stats For My Successful Bubble

An Update On Payments

Since originally writing this I did start to receive payments again. I never got the ones that had gone missing but I started writing again and before long me payments started coming through again. Encouraged by this I wrote more and started earning more, I was getting to the stage where I could redeem every other day. This time around I was very careful to make 100% sure I never broke any rules. I rarely used pictures and when I did I used my own, this was the only reason I could come up with for previous missed payments.

Anyway after about six weeks of writing and having my redemptions come through on time I posted a Bubble about a game I play on my iPhone. I was not trying to find traffic I just happened to write something that had massive success. Within 24 hours of posting my Bubble it had received over 12,000 views! The kind of traffic that one could only dream of! This meant my earning were going into overdrive, I was earning well over $100 a day for this one post that had taken off. I did lots of research as to why it was so successful, it turned out that for a very popular search term I was ranked no 1 on Google, a really big deal! So for the next few days the traffic poured in from Search Engine land and I was redeeming twice a day with ease.

Three days later I waited with hope for my first big payout. It never came. Bubblews stopped paying me soon as I got all those views. This was 6 weeks ago that this happened, I have not received a payment since. The traffic on that Bubble has now slowed down to a crawl yet my payments still do not come through. I have worked out that in the past 6 weeks I have made over $700 on Bubblews, they have not paid a penny of it out.

I have contacted support on several occasions telling them about my post with massive views. I have had no reply. It seem Bubblews do not pay for every view you get, no matter how legitimate it may be. This makes them a scam in my eyes and a very big one as well. That one Bubble has now had 43,000 views. That is 43,000 new people I have brought to the Bubblews site and what do I get as a reward for this? Nothing!

The fact that they advertise that they pay for every view is very deceiving as clearly they do not. I understand that my payment could have been delayed by a few days as they may have wanted to investigate my post, but to ignore my emails and to just stop paying me altogether is simply disgusting. I feel very much cheated by Bubblews.

My Overall Feelings Of The Site

Bubblews is great fun and a really good site to write on. However, when they stop paying members for no reason then questions have to be asked. Members like myself who work hard and yet do not get paid deserve at least an explanation of why payments have ceased. The owner of the site who goes by the name Arvind is often active on the site expressing how happy he is with the way things are running. However, he seems to ignore the vast amounts of comments on his page about missing payments.

The site as a whole has incredible potential and is great fun to be a part of. However, with the serious issues regarding payment and lack of transparency from the people at the top, the site is doomed to fail. A site like Hubpages has an excellent reputation when it comes to reliability. They always update their members on what is happening, if you have a problem you can get an answer within 24 hours, if you have a payment issue there are staff on hand to help you out. Hubpages has been very strong over the past five years because they look after their members and keep them informed. I have been writing here on Hubpages for more than two years and I totally trust the site and know that each month a nice little bit of money will come my way.

There are also other sites I write on such as Dooyoo, a site where user can review products and services and also Ciao which is a similar site that pays for review writing. I also trust these sites and have never had any kind of issue with payment. Dooyoo pays on time as does Ciao.

The opposite is true of Bubblews. I know I can earn decent money over there but I have no idea if that will result in getting paid. I work hard to bring in new members and write decent content over there, but every time I hit the redeem button I get those awful butterflies in my stomach. Bubblews has no real substance to the site and unless things change the site will gain an increasingly bad reputation.

What the site needs to focus on is looking after it’s members. There are thousand joining the site each day but from what I have seen there are also thousands leaving each day. For Bubblews to really fulfil it’s potential it needs to keep members like me happy. There are already lots of articles online about Bubblews being a scam, there are going to be lots more of those articles appearing from other disgruntled members. I am not going to sit here and tell you the people who run the site are crooks and cheats, but I will say they need to sort out the payment issues.

I am hoping that my problems on Bubblews will be resolved. I am going to keep this article open and update it with the latest information regarding payment issues. I hope that I can bring you good news and tell you that the people on the site are working hard to improve things and sort out payment problems. I really hope that my payments will clear and I can start writing on the site again. However, if things do not change and my emails go unanswered then I will make sure that people know about it. I am not going to take this lying down like most members have done, I intend to fight my corner and get things sorted out the way they should be.

© 2013 Andrew Orrell


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