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Do You Need Content for Your Web Site?

Updated on January 8, 2014

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Content Is King!!!

Alright, I get it! You are screaming that the "content is king" phrase is cliche. It is. But is still remains as true today as it did when it was first coined. You need content and you need a lot of it if you have any plan of having your sites rank well. It's got to be good, readable content for viewers to find any value in it.

So what if you don't have hours on end to think of ideas to write about, then research information on those ideas, and then finally write and revise the articles? There are several ways around this that will be explored in this hub page.

Tips When Deciding To Write it Yourself

If you decide that you are going to produce your own content, here are some shortcuts that you can employ that will greatly reduce the time it takes.

1) Repurpose content that already exists. You can go to sites like and search for the topic that you plan to write about. When you find a decent article, then rewrite the whole thing into your own words. The great part about this method is that research is already done for you. Just make sure you read the article and agree with everything that is being said as you don't want to publish stuff that you don't agree with.

2) Use an article spinner program. I am actually not a fan of this one because I have yet to find an article spinner that produces content that my readers would want to read. But others swear by this so it is something you could explore.

3) Take a Private Label Rights (PLR) article and rework it. I will get into what PLR is later but you do want to revise the articles that you obtain as PLR. Many people don't and they run the risks of publishing duplicate content which can lead to search engine penalties. Again, with a PLR article, the research is done for you.

Outsource The Writing

There are plenty of good writers that will be more than happy to produce your content for you (for a fee of course).  The most important aspect of this is to make sure you see examples of the people you chose to work with.  Check to make sure the articles that they did produce are not duplicates.  One caution about this is that they could write an assignment for someone, and that someone could submit the article to 1000 sites.  So that check may not give you an indication.

To limit the amount of money you spend on a freelancer or ghost writer, have them do a few articles for you and see the quality.  Then you can increase the amount of articles you have them write for you when you see how well they did.

The biggest advantage with outsourcing is that you are leveraging time.  You can have multiple writers writing at the same time.  You will have many articles created for you in a short amount of time.  The downside is the cost.

More on Private Label Rights (PLR)

If you are not familiar with the term Private Label Rights, essentially it is a publishing right that gives you permission to use content that others produce to do with whatever you want (sometimes there are restrictions).  For the most part when you are granted Private Label Rights you can rewrite, break up, give away, claim ownership and authorship.  The key here is to make sure you read the license to see what the author will allow.  Not all PLR is created equal and you don't want to violate terms because there are enough people that will take legal action against you if you do.

The biggest benefit to this is that you can get a lot of PLR content quickly.  The drawback is that many others can too.  That's why I mentioned before that you really should rewrite your PLR content (although typically you are not required to).  This will eliminate any occurance of duplicate content.  Another benefit of rewriting PLR content is that you can make sure that it is optimized for search engines, which not all PLR content is.  In fact, most PLR is not necessarily optimized.

Where to Find Private Label Rights Content

You know now the benefits of using Private Label Rights. But where do you find them?  You can do a search online with either the term PLR or "Private Label Rights".  But I am going to make it even easier for you.  Just use this resource and not only will you have access to thousands of PLR products but you will get some top notch instruction on how to use them.  Every method that I was taught has worked toward increasing my traffic followed by increased sales.

Use this to get thousands of PLR Products!

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Keyword Generation for Content Ideas

If you are truly stuck for finding content, why not plug in a seed keyword to your favorite keyword tool? I won't endorse any particular one at this point as there is plenty of information on this throughout the web and it would clutter this page. But whichever one you decide to use, unless it's a truly useless one, should generate ideas that could last several days to weeks. Give it a try. You days of no content could be long past.

Keyword Generation for Content Ideas

If you are ever truly stuck for coming up with content, simply feed some keyword generator a seed keyword. Most of them will come up with ideas that should keep you busy writing for weeks (or can give to a virtual assistant). And this has a way of sparking other ideas that are related to the original seed keyword but different enough as well. Try it. You'll see that it really does help to get those ideas flowing.


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      tisdeepak 6 years ago

      I need content for my social media news site

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      md 7 years ago

      nice and useful

    • profile image

      Website Examiner 7 years ago

      I found this to be interesting and informative. There is something intriguing about several of the options you have mentioned - outsourcing and PLR, especially. I can see why someone who understands SEO and has an established web presence would want to look into that.