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Do you know the kind of system Level that exist in your organization

Updated on November 12, 2010

kind of systems in an organization

There are system types that exist in an organization and wiil discuss the following four kind.

  1. Operational level system

This refers to information system that monitors the element ary activities and transaction of the organization. They are system developed to provide solution at operational level of an organization.

This system support operational managers by keeping track of all elementary activities and transaction in the organization. They are systems that are used for routine operation in the organization

They track and records activities like sales, receipts, cash deposits, payable, credit decision, the flow of materials in the factory and so on.

They are usedto answer routine question and track the flow of information in the organization

Some of the characteristics

  • Operators does not need to be expert
  • Must be very precise
  • Must be very fast
  • They are structured or programable
  • Let's analytical capability
  • Information must be available and upto date, current and accurate e.g tracking the number of hours worked by employees or ATMs
  1. Knowledge level system

Refers to systems that support knowldge and data workers in an organization. They help the business to intergrate new knowledge through research.

These system help organization to control the flow of paper work. Knowledge workers are experts who engage in discovering new knowledge intergrate it into the organization and distributing it to the people concerned

This systems discover knowledge and integrate it with the existing one to improve the product and management in an organization

Examples of Knowledge level system

  • C.A.D - Computer aided design
  • C.A.E - Computer Aided Engineer
  • C.A.S.E - Computer Aided Software Engineer
  • C.A.M - Computer Aided Manufacturing

In our part two of the system kind we will look at Management level system and Strategic level system


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