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Download Tagged Photos: Facebook App Makes it Easy

Updated on February 18, 2012
Pick and Zip will show you all your tagged photos so you can download tagged photos from Facebook
Pick and Zip will show you all your tagged photos so you can download tagged photos from Facebook

Is There Any Easy Way to Download Tagged Facebook Photos?

One of the fun ways to share photos on Facebook is tagging. But if you want to download tagged photos, Facebook doesn't offer an easy solution to do it. Instead, you have to use a third-party application that will link to your Facebook account and help you find all the photos tagged with your name. Fortunately, it's easy to do. Here's how to download tagged Facebook photos using a free and easy program called Pick and Zip.

Download Tagged Photos Facebook

Select the images to download or download all your Facebook albums and photos you're tagged in
Select the images to download or download all your Facebook albums and photos you're tagged in

How to Download Tagged Facebook Photos

Sharing photos is a popular way people interact on Facebook, and if you have a lot of friends and family who are Facebook users, you've probably been tagged in their photos. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to find and download all those photos? Facebook certainly doesn't make it easy. So if your old high school or college pals upload photos of you from years ago or your cousin uploads pics from your childhood or your neighbor uploads photos from the birthday party last week, there's no easy way within Facebook itself to collect and download all those images.

You could click on each one and download it, but that's time consuming. And what about the ones published last year and you can't remember where they are? You don't want to have to sort through every single photo album to find the ones you want.

So thank goodness for Pick and Zip. This free application interacts with your Facebook account and lets you download tagged photos on Facebook from any of your FB friends. You can also download all of your photo albums so you can back them up on your hard drive, or even download your friends' photo albums, if their privacy settings allow it.

It's incredibly easy to use. You simply go to Pick and Zip and give them permission to access your Facebook account. If you click Find My Photos on the first screen that comes up, you'll be presented with a page with all of the photos where you've been tagged. If you want to download an individual image, click on the image to see the download icon. If you want several images, click just on the photos you want and then go to the download tab to download tagged photos.

You can also click the Select All button to choose all of your tagged Facebook photos, or you can go directly to the download tab and download all of your tagged photos AND albums.

The application also gives you the ability to select any of your FB friends from the column at left and download their Facebook photos, even the ones you aren't tagged in. However, the number of photos you can actually see and download (even those in which you're tagged) may be limited by privacy settings. If you can't access photos through Pick and Zip that you can see while you're logged into Facebook using your web browser, your friend is probably blocking the photos from the application.

The application is totally free to use, although they do accept donations via PayPal. It's a great and easy way to download tagged photos from Facebook.

Create a Book with Facebook Photos and Comments

Pick and Zip is free and easy to use if you'd just like to download tagged Facebook photos and save them. But if you'd like to download Facebook photos and comments and keep them in a keepsake book, Blurb can help you do it. This service will pull your Facebook photos and comments into a Facebook photo book that you can edit and print. It's great for creating a lasting keepsake with memories of weddings, new babies and other special occasions because it includes both images and feedback.

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