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Dragon Age Origins: How to unlock all Mage Specializations

Updated on August 23, 2011

The Mage can unlock 4 different specialities each with their own trees of four spells. Specialities can be unlocked at level 7 and 14, gaining the ability to unlock one speciality at each of those levels. The specialities will work for all your play throughs after you unlock them so even if you do not want anyone to learn a specific specialization on this play through you may want it in a future game. You should learn all the specializations as early on as you can so that you won’t come to level 7 and not be able to learn any of them. Here is a guide so that you can find out exactly how to get each and every Mage specialization and their spells.

Arcane Warrior

You can unlock the Arcane Warrior speciality when you are in the ruins whilst doing the ‘Nature of the Beast’ quest line. Whilst in the Lower level of the Elven Ruins you can find a phlactory that you can examine. When you touch it you will start a conversation with something inside it called a presence. Once you agree to help it you can approach an alter with the gem. Once you do this the presence will offer to share its memories with you which basically means learning the specialization.

Arcane Warrior: When you learn the specialization you instantly can use your magic to swap for strength so you can use all your spells but you wield massive weapons and powerful armour.

Combat Magic: While this mode is active fatigue gets traded for extra damage and spell power determines damage.

Aura of Might: While using Combat Magic you gain more bonuses to attack, defence and damage.

Shimmering Field: Whilst active you have a shield that protects from damage and grants bonuses to armour and resistances.

Fade Shroud: Whilst in Combat Magic mode you gain a large bonus to mana regeneration and a chance to avoid attacks.

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Blood Mage

You can learn the specialization Blood Mage when you go into the fade in the ‘Arl of Redcliffe’ quest line but you must be the mage to go there, not Wynne or Morrigan. When you come to the final Demon Battle when you see the Desire Demon and not Connor converse with it and it will offer you the Blood Mage specialization in exchange for allowing her to take over another soul, possibly Connor, but will for the time being vacate.

Blood Magic: When this mode is active the blood mage takes health instead of mana for themselves however healing effects on this character are weakened greatly.

Blood Sacrifice: You suck the life from one of your characters to heal your own health bar. Be careful when using this as it has the potential to kill the character outright.

Blood Wound: The blood of all enemies in the area damages them and, unless they resist it, they are rooted to the spot unable to make. Creatures without blood are immune.

Blood Control: The Mage control one enemy making them an ally unless it resists. If it resists it takes a lot of damage. Creatures without blood are immune.

Shape Shifter

You can unlock this specialization in 2 ways: You can buy it from someone called Varathorn in the Dalish Camp. You can also befriend Morrigan and then ask her to teach you it. Morrigan has eleven gifts that are meant for her. They are:

Black Grimoire: Found in Irving’s quarters in the Circle Tower.

Flemeth’s Grimoire: Found in a chest in Flemeth’s Hut. You can only find this after killing Flemeth for Morrigan’s Personal quest which you get after giving Morrigan the Black Grimoire.

Gold Amulet: Bought from Garin in the Orzammar Quarters.

Golden Demon Pendant: Found on a corpse in the Urn of Sacred Ashes Room.

Golden Mirror: Bought from Garin in the Orzammar Commons.

Golden Rope Necklace: Bought from Barlin in Dane’s Refugee in Lothering.

Locket: It is found in a locked chest in the Village Store in Haven.

Silver Brooch: Bought from Varathorn in the Dalish Camp.

Silver Chain: Found in a Vanity in the Senior Mage Quarters of the Circle Tower.

Silver Medallion: Found in the Dragon Hoard in the Upper Level in the Elven Ruins.

Tribal Necklace: Found in a Barrel on the Top Floor of the Tower of Ishal.

You can also talk to her as she likes it when you take an interest in her abilities and her life.

Spider Shape: You can change into a large spider gaining a bonus health and nature resistance as well as the abilities Poison Spit and Web. Your spellpower determines how powerful you are.

Bear Shape: You can transform into a bear gaining a bonus to health and nature resistance. You gain the abilities Slam and Rage.

Flying Swarm: You can transform into a swarm of stinging insects on nearby foes. While using this mode you can the ability Divide the Storm which means that any damage you take is taken from mana instead of health but you do not regenerate mana.

Master Shape shifter: Whenever you use the Spider Shape ability you are now a corrupted spider and gain the ability Overwhelm and become more powerful. When you use the Bear Shape ability you become a bereskarn becoming more powerful and gaining the Overwhelm ability. The Flying Swarm now drains health as well.

Spirit Healer

You can gain this specialization in two ways: You can buy it from the Wonders of Thedas shop in Denerim but you can only buy it after the Landsmeet starts. You can also learn it from Wynne when she likes you enough. Wynne has six gifts that are meant to be given to her:

Discovering Dragon’s Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces: This is found in a bookshelf in the Ruined Temple (Name shortened on console versions.)

Fancy Scroll: This is found in a sarcophagus in the Lower Elven Ruins.

Tattered Notebook: Your Dog has a random chance of finding it when you ask him if he sees something interesting. He may or may not find it but don’t repeatedly try it in the same location, chances are he won’t find it so move to a new location.

The Guerrins of History: A Genealogical History: This is found on a bookshelf in the Upper Level of the Castle Redcliffe (Name shortened on console version).

The Rose of Orlais: Found in a pile of books in the Senior Mage Quarters of the Circle Tower.

The Search for the True Prophet: Found in a Locked Chest in the Shaperate in the Diamond Quarter of Orzammar.

Wynne always will make the admirable choice so as long as you don’t do anything mean or against religious faith you should be alright.

Group Heal: This spell will heal everyone in the party.

Revival: This will revive all allies in the small radius of the target.

Lifeward: You place a protective shield over the ally and whenever they fall close to death they will regain health.

Cleansing Aura: Whilst active, waves of healing energy come from your body every few seconds healing nearby allies and curing them of injuries.


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