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How to Unlock all Dragon Age Origins Warrior Specialities

Updated on August 23, 2011

Warrior Specialities

The Warrior can unlock 4 different specialities each with their own trees of four talents. Specialities can be unlocked at level 7 and 14, gaining the ability to unlock one speciality at each of those levels. The specialities will work for all your play throughs after you unlock them so even if you do not want anyone to learn a specific specialization on this play through you may want it in a future game. You should learn all the specializations as early on as you can so that you won’t come to level 7 and not be able to learn any of them. Here is a guide so that you can find out exactly how to get each and every Warrior specialization and their abilities.



You can get this specialization in two ways: you can learn it from the companion Oghren who you get in the quest in ‘A Paragon of Her Kind’.

Oghren responds well to you appreciating him and giving him complements and basically be told that he is better than he is.

He also has six gifts that will give him a large approval bonus:

Alley King’s Flagon: This is found in Legnar’s Store in the Orzammer Commons.

Chasnid Meat Sack: This is found in some dusty scrolls in the Ruined Temple.

Garblog’s Backcountry Reserve: Your dog has a random chance of finding it when you interact with the Dog and ask him if he sees something interesting. Don’t keep on asking him to do it in the same place as he probably will not find it.

Golden Scythe 4-90 Black: This is found in a crate in Lothering.

Legacy White Shear: This is found in a Sarcophagus in the Lower Ruins.

Sun Blond Vint-1: This is found in a Vanity in the Templar Quarters of the Circle Tower.

After his approval is fairly high, ask him about being a berserker and if he says that he cannot teach you it get his approval higher and ask him again later.

You can also simply buy the scroll from a merchant called Gorim in the Denerim Market.

The talents in this tree are:

Berserk: Berserk is a sustained ability which means that when you activate it, its effects will remain on you but will keep some of your stamina and you will not be able to use that stamina until you turn off the ability. Berserk makes you hit harder but you get a slight penalty to stamina regeneration. It automatically turns off after a battle and takes 30 seconds to cool down and will keep twenty stamina after activation.

Resilience: Berserk no longer implies such a large stamina regeneration penalty and you also gain a bonus to nature resistance.

Constraint: Berserk now has an even lower stamina regeneration penalty.

Final Blow: All of your remaining stamina goes into one swing and the attack deals damage and extra damage depending on how much stamina you lose. This can only be used when in Berserk mode.



You can learn this specialization when you have completed the ‘Arl of Redcliffe’ quest line and have cured Arl Eamon he awards you with the specialization.

War Cry: The Warrior yells out that gives all enemies a penalty to attack.

Rally: When you are around your teammates they get a bonus to attack and defence when this mode is active.

Motivate: Now rally’s attack bonus is increased greatly.

Superiority: Now when the warrior uses War Cry enemies are also knocked down unless they resist.

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You can learn this specialization in two ways: You can learn it by befriending Alasdair and asking him to teach you it or you can buy it from Bodhan’s Wares in the party camp.

Alasdair will respond well if you flirt with him and doesen’t mind small bit of teasing. He will hate you if you either kill Isolde or Connor at the Castle in Redcliffe. He has 8 special gifts that you can give him:

Alasdair’s Mother’s Amulet: Found in a desk in Castle Redcliffe on the Main Floor.

Black Runestone: Found in a Chest in Aeducan Thaig.

Duncan’s Shield: Found on an Armour Stand in the Market Warehouse in Denerim.

Onyx Demon Statuette: Found in a Pile of Bones in the East Brecilian Forest.

Small Carved Statuette: Found in a Crate in Lothering.

Stone Dragon Statuette: Found in a Chest in Castle Redcliffe on the Upper Floor.

Stone Warrior Statuette: Found in a Pile of Filth in the Caverns in Haven.

White Runestone: Found on an Abomination on the Third Floor of the Circle Tower.

Righteous Strike:Every melee hit against a spell caster will drain a little bit of their mana.

Cleanse Area: The Templar removes all dispellable effects from those nearby.

Mental Fortress: Gain a large bonus to Mental Resistance.

Holy Smite: The Templar hits an enemy inflicting spirit damage on the target and other nearby enemies. If the target is a spell caster it must resist otherwise it will lose lots of its mana and take more spirit damage depending on how much mana he lost.



You can only get the Reaver specialization by agreeing to defile the Urn of Sacred Ashes when you meet Kolgrim on the ‘Urn of Sacred Ashes’ quest. He will give you a vial of Dragon Blood and you simply have to play the game as you normally would but when you finish the gauntlet you take some ashes and then pour dragon blood over it. This will make the guardian attack you along with Wynne and Leliana if they are in the party. This will kill them and they will play no further part in the game. You then simply talk to Kolgrim and you get the Reaver specialization.

If you don’t want to lose Wynne or Leliana or get an approval decrease then you can create another save and do this and the specialization will be taken onto all other saves.

Devour: The Reaver absorbs health from all the recently dead bodies in the area.

Frightening Appearance: When the Reaver uses this ability he makes a target cower in fear unless they resist. It takes 20 seconds to cool down.

Aura of Pain: The Reaver radiates an Aura of Pain and the Reaver and all targets around him take spirit damage whilst this mode is active.

Blood Frenzy: Whenever the Reaver has this ability active and he takes damage his damage increases and it also incurs a penalty to health regeneration.

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