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Elago P2 iPad Stand Function at a Good Price

Updated on March 15, 2011

Desktop use of an iPad is easier and more ergonomic when a stand is used. Convenience, sturdiness and function are all important features to look for when choosing the right stand and fortunately many of the stands available meet all three criteria. The Elago P2 iPad Stand is made of aluminum so it is lightweight and its small footprint takes up little space on the desktop. The Elago P2 is sturdy due to its all-in-one build with no adjusting parts to give way. The Elago P2 is functional due to its design that allows the iPad to be in a case and the charger cable fits between the two fingers that cradle the iPad. Whether you want your iPad stand to match the aluminum color of Apple electronics or whether you prefer a black finish the Elago P2 can deliver.

The Elago P2 is similar to the Stabile iPad Stand by Thought Out. The Elago P2 weighs less because it is made of aluminum while the Stabile is made of steel. The Stabile has a 55 degree viewing angle versus the Elago P2 which has a slightly less viewing angle. Neither have an adjustable viewing angle.

One area that the Elago P2 iPad Stand excels is the price. Many other iPad stands will set you back about fifty dollars. The Elago P2 is quite a bit less expensive – around thirty dollars. This can be a major advantage since the Elago P2 is not feasible as a mobile gadget. If your life is similar to mine there is more than one desk to accommodate. If you like to use a stand with your iPad at one desk chances are you will want one for the other desk as well.


The iPad is very mobile. Protecting them via a case is an option that most owners choose. The Elago P2 has wide enough fingers that allows for the iPad to remain in its case. There is enough room between the fingers that charging the iPad is easy while sitting in the Elago P2. It is possible to knock the Elago P2 over but it would take some effort and non-attention. Using the touchscreen does not cause the Elago P2 to shake or move across the desk. Rubber feet keep it slide-free and rubber bumpers on the fingers under the iPad and the back rubber bumper for the back of the iPad protects from scratches. Some users feel that the pads could be a bit beefier but it seems to me that if that is the case it would be easily remedied by adding new pads after you get it home.  



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