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Stabile iPad Stand by Thought Out

Updated on March 15, 2011


Are you looking for an iPad stand that is great looking and so functional that you would buy one for each desk? Are you willing to forego versatility for more function? What about an iPad stand that was heavy, not mobile and not even adjustable?

The Stabile iPad Stand is made of solid (American) steel and weighs (3.5 to 4 pounds) which is nearly twice that of the iPad. It especially compliments Apple products but it fits into any office or home office décor. Since steel is not the same color as aluminum, Thought Out, the maker of the Stabile iPad Stand, uses silver paint to make it as Apple-like as possible. If you prefer your iPad stand to be a little different some are black – also painted. It has a simple yet elegant design that holds an iPad in either portrait or landscape positions. Slots in the base of the Stabile iPad Stand allow for cables to fit through to enhance its functionality even further.


If you just want to walk into your office, grab your iPad out of your bag and start using it – the Stabile iPad Stand fills the bill. The base measures approximately 9 inches wide X 7 inches deep and has four non-slip feet on the bottom eliminating the worry of scratching the desk or iPad. The X arm design supports the iPad (even while in some iPad cases) with two padded and curved tips at the bottom and two additional tips that set snug against the back of the iPad. The viewing angle is set at a comfortable 55% in both portrait and landscape mode.

Typing on and swiping a finger across the iPad screen will not cause the Stabile to tip or slide across the desk. Leave the charging cable in place and you have a complete no-hassle home for your iPad any time you need it. Set a gorgeous wireless Apple keyboard at the base of the Stabile iPad Stand and you may want to spend more than a minute or two admiring the vignette.


Few gadgets fulfill every wish. Expectations taken into account before making a final decision is important. The Stabile is not adjustable. It is heavy and does not travel easily. There are no adjustments to the height or angle of the iPad while held by the Stabile. On the other hand, it is very stable (hence the name) and it steadily holds an iPad in or out of a case. It is always available and waiting for a quick Google session.

If portability is important the ZooGue or the Nimbus Tote my work well. If you like the look of aluminum with a bit with less weight and a lower profile the Griffin A-Frame is an option.


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