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Etch A Sketch iPad Case Retro Fun from Headcase

Updated on March 15, 2011

One toy that has survived from one generation to the next is the Etch A Sketch. Millions of kids have enjoyed the little red framed box that magically lets you draw a masterpiece and then by shaking it - wipes the screen clean - and is ready for the next masterpiece.

Now your iPad can resemble the Etch A Sketch by placing it in the officially licensed Etch A Sketch iPad Case from Headcase. People will probably take a second look once they notice the red plastic iPad case with the two little white knobs and the rounded edges that resemble the trademark look of the original Etch A Sketch.

The Etch A Sketch iPad Case sandwiches the iPad between a solid black plastic back and a red plastic frame that leaves the screen of the iPad uncovered. In fact – if the iPad is turned off you may have a difficult time telling the difference between an iPad in the Etch A Sketch Case and the original Etch A Sketch.


The most telling features however are the holes located on the right hand side and the left hand side of the red frame as well as the openings along the sides of the red frame for all of the iPad’s function ports. The black plastic back also has an opening that allows the Apple logo to show through. Small black plastic feet flip out from the back side of the Etch A Sketch iPad Case to hold the iPad at an angle in the landscape orientation if you prefer.


Just looking at the Etch A Sketch iPad Case you may wonder how in the world you get the iPad inside of it. It is not really difficult but it will require a coin, a little force and some patience. There is a small slot on the side of the case that provides a place to twist a coin to snap it open. Once the iPad is securely placed inside the case snaps back together around it. The case is padded so that the iPad does not sustain any scratches.    


The Pros of the Etch A Sketch iPad Case is that it is very unique, it is fun and that it provides good protection for your iPad. The Cons of the Etch A Sketch iPad Case is that it is not compatible with many of the iPad stands and iPad docks. In addition, it may attract so much attention that you have a difficult time using your iPad in public.

ATTENTION: These are NOT iPad Cases


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    • millie52 profile image

      millie52 7 years ago

      I remember these from when i was young-great toys.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Great last minute shopping ideas. Thanks!