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Even more TVI Express myths busted: how and why has no travel voucher or prepaid debit card to redeem

Updated on March 7, 2011


While it is not my intent to rehash the topic, it is absolutely amazing how many myths are out there regarding TVI Express. Here are five more myths about TVI Express that you may believe but may want to rethink.

This is the final hub in the series "TVI Express Myths Busted". If you got here directly, you should start at Part 1, and Part 2. Be sure to also explore my other series, "TVI Express Truths" they don't want you to know about, and I don't mean stupid marketing tricks.

Poll for Myth 11

Does TVI Express sell discount vouchers to be redeemed on other websites?

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MYTH: TVI Express sells discount travel vouchers to be redeemed elsewhere

Some TVI Express distributors are alleging that TVI Express sells discount and prepaid travel vouchers to people, which can then be redeemed on other travel sites, such as Expedia, Travelocity and so on that makes stuff cheaper than other travel websites.

"TVI Express sells prepaid travel vouchers to people who will use those vouchers to book travel online much like Orbits, Expedia, or Travelocity." --

FACT: TVI Express gives an e-certificate upon you join for that 7-day 6-night thing, but it can ONLY be redeemed through TVI Express's "redemption center". It is NOT for use on other websites.

FACT: TVI Express has an affiliate website to Travelocity, where you can book travel.

FACT: You book travel THROUGH TVI Express's back office, not get some e-code to sell to others. The only eCode you can sell to others is the eVouchers, which are used to join TVI Express.

Poll for Myth 12

What do you get besides that $10000 when you "cycle out"?

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MYTH: You get $5000 eVouchers for free travel when you cycle out

One of the other persistent misunderstandings about TVI Express is just what exactly *do* you get when you "cycle out" of the Express board (the 2nd board). The myth claims that in addition to the $10000 you get, you also get $5000 eVoucher for travel, as well as re-entry into the Express board for a shortcut to another $10000 payout.

"system enables you to earn $10,000 plus a $5,000 travel voucher over and over again..."

FACT: TVI Express website no longer lists this $5000 eVoucher payout upon cycling out the Express board.

"10. What do I receive when I cycle?

You get the following commissions after you cycle out of the respective boards :
1) Traveller board : You receive $500 ($250 cash + an eVoucher worth $250)
2) Express Board : You receive $10,000 and a re-entry into the Express Board"


Poll for Myth 13

Do you think TVI Express stopped taking credit cards due to fraudulent cards?

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MYTH: TVI Express stopped accepting credit cards due to fraud

Some TVI Express distributors claim that TVI Express does not accept credit cards because they were defrauded by a bunch of fake credit card users in India and/or China.

"Credit Card payments were unavailable in the United States due to a precaution that they took. The reason why they took this precaution to begin with is because people in certain countries were creating fraudulent credit card accounts and using those fake accounts to get a membership with TVI Express. In response to these events happening TVI Express withdrew their credit card line until they started to grow massive in the United States."

This story makes no sense, once, you look into the whole thing.

Let's say a company A accepts credit card payment. What happens is the payer enters the relevant numbers, and the numbers goes to a credit card processor, who contacts the card issuer securely, and gets a transaction verification code back that says the card issuer acknowledges the transaction for X amount of money, and will deduct X from the payer's credit line. The credit card processor then tells the merchant bank account linked to the payee (company A) to increase their balance by X amount of money (at the end of the month the credit card processor adds their charges).

A truly fraudulent card cannot be processed because it would not pass the credit card processor. The processor goes to the card issuer (the first 4 numbers on the credit card) for verification. If it's not a valid card the transaction will not go through. You cannot just INVENT a number, and expect that to go through. If the transaction went through on a fake account, it would be credit card processor's fault, not the merchant or the card issuer. The merchant will not lose anything.

Fake credit card account using stolen ID or fake info can get someone a credit card which one could use to pay, but that is a LEGAL AND VALID credit card obtained using fraudulent means, and any loss would be on the part of card issuer, NOT the merchant, for not checking the applicant thoroughly.

Let's assume a scenario... A single person, using 225 fake cards to enroll, and cash out the $10000+whatever... That would be what TVI Express want you to believe, yes? However, in this scenario, TVI Express should NOT have lost ANY money, as all the cards are legit UNTIL frozen or canceled by the card issuer. Thus, the merchant, TVI Express, would NOT have lost any money!

The only way the merchant (TVI Express) would lose money is due to payer's disputing the payment. How does a dispute work? Let's say payer had a problem. He calls up the card issuer and asks for a dispute of the payment. What happens then is the bank will REVERSE the charges (put back the X amount of money into the payer's credit line) and tell the credit card processor to pull the X amount of dollars back from the payee's merchant account, until the problem is resolved.

It *is* possible to con TVI Express, but only with LEGIT credit cards, not fraudulent ones... By pre-recruiting all the people. You join TVI Express, quickly have all the recruits join, get the payout, then everybody dispute their payment. You can even do this at the 10000/15000 level, if you can find 225 people to do this all together. And when you divide The $10000 among the 225 people... well, not much left, is there? (About 44 dollars profit per person) Not a very profitable scam, if you ask me, for all that trouble. So the chances of some scammer organizing large groups of people to defraud TVI Express this way makes no sense.

The only way TVI Express would be affected by the fraud is by a ton of people disputing their charges, not to defraud TVI Express, but to protect themselves, and you only do that on a LEGIT card. Thus, the story about TVI Express stop accepting credit card due to fraudulent credit cards , simply makes no sense.

Poll for Myth 14

Is TVI Express legitimate because they *have* given out SOME trips to their members?

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MYTH: Plenty of people have enjoyed the 7-day 6-night trips

TVI Express distributors are looking high and low for people who have allegedly enjoyed that 7-day 6-night trip you get when you join. They want testimony that people have gone, to convince others that this is NOT mirage.

FACT: TVI Express's own announcements says redemption was pushed back to March 1, 2010

February 4, 2010 "... We are pleased to announce the launch date of our much awaited standalone booking portal on 1st March, 2010."

February 4, 2010 "... Many members across the globe have cherished their dream vacations through TVI Express and since 1st January, 2010 a handful of Indian destinations [11 properties] have also been made available for availing our exuberant vacation packages... "

Go read them under, announcements. The dates may vary by a few days.

Past events does NOT predict future performance. Trying to imply so is known as "Gambler's Fallacy". Just because the coin landed six times in a row heads-up doesn't mean next time it will land tails-up. The chance of landing either heads-up or tails-up is always 50%, not affected by past performance. Thus, even if they *did* find someone legit that did go on such a trip (and not a shill), it in no way proves that TVI Express's 7-day 6-night offer will be valid for all 600000 members.

Plus, if only thousands of people have enjoyed trips, out of 600000 members, when will it be YOUR turn?

Poll for Myth 15

Does TVI Express pays out 72 cents for every dollar it takes in?

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MYTH: TVI Express pays out 72% of what it takes in

Some TVI Express distributors swallows the company line that TVI Express pays out 72% of its incoming revenue. Here's one example:

"TVI Express also pays out 72% of ALL membership income to incentives, including your free vacation package."

FACT: TVI Express website itself says something else entirely

"With 4 ways to earn income and 72% of the sales revenue paid out in distributor commissions, TVI is a powerfully rewarding opportunity."

Please note: 72% of sales revenue, NOT membership fees or income or total revenue. Keep also in mind that TVI Express FAQ itself also states that you don't need to sell anything. No sales, no sales revenue. Thus, this 72% is 72% of ZERO, which is, of course, ZERO.

Keep in mind that TVI Express thus far, has not release their annual sales figures, and thus, none of the numbers can be verified or audited.

This is a symptom of seeing only you WANT to see, instead of actually reading the sentence.


This is the third and hopefully FINAL hub about TVI Express myths.There are legitimate opportunities out there. I hope you make the right choice.

You may wish to start at the beginning, and read part 1 and part 2 of this series. Be sure to also explore my other hub series: TVI Express Truths, the things TVI Express and your upline would never tell you.


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