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TVI Express Myths Busted: how tricks you, employees arrested in India, South Africa, China, and more!

Updated on September 4, 2011


There are a lot of myths out there about this company called TVI Express. It claims 600,000 members around the world and ability to earn $10000+ in mere weeks. However, it is an international scam. A lot of the myths are spread by unscrupulous TVI Express distributors eager to sign up more distributors so they can "cycle out of the matrix" to earn their reward. Others are spread by TVI Express itself. Here, we shall bust myths about TVI Express, and get to the truth.

This is part 1 of 3 in the "TVI Express Myths Busted" series. You should also read part 2 and part 3, plus my other series on TVI Express Truths they don't want you to know about. And I do NOT mean marketing secrets.

To see some of these myths actually spread by people, see TVI Express Member Lies and TVI Express Weasel Reviews

Poll for Myth 1

Do you think TVI Express is a London UK Company?

See results

Myth: TVI Express is a London, UK Company

TVI Express claims to be a "global conglomerate headquartered in London, UK", says so on their "about us" webpage on their own website It even uses a London UK phone number (international code 44).

FACT: TVI Express lists an address in Cyprus, as their mailing address. Says so right at the bottom of their website.

FACT: TVI Express, or Travel Ventures International, cannot be found in, where ALL UK companies are required to register

FACT: TVI Express's Terms of Use says that they are subject to India and Cyprus laws. It does NOT mention UK law at all

FACT: Virtual office is very easy to establish in London. Just search in Google for "London Virtual office" and you'll find dozens of them. The actual folks can be anywhere in the world.

FACT: TVI Express's own webpage lists an address in "Heathrow", but the actual address, typed into Google Maps, turned out to be in Uxbridge, which is over 15 miles from London.

VERDICT: TVI Express is NOT based in London, UK.

UPDATE: In May 2011, TVI Express removed claims on its website that it is headquartered in London UK. In fact, it now mentions no headquarters at all. It is apparently headless.

Poll for Myth 2

Do you think TVI Express is a travel club, instead of a business opportunity?

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Myth 2: TVI Express is a travel club that you buy into

Some TVI Express distributors are claiming that TVI Express is a travel club that you buy into for your $250 membership fee.

FACT: TVI Express calls its members "distributors", not members. Right on the front page, lower right, it says "become a TVI Express distributor".

FACT: TVI Express refers to itself as a business opportunity, not a travel club.It says you can build a multi-million dollar business, not join a club.

FACT: TVI Express REQUIRES you to recruit at least two more people. Says so right on their own FAQ.

FACT: TVI Express's travel booking engine is supplied by Travelocity, but is FREE to use.

FACT: You join a travel club to SPEND LESS MONEY. You DO NOT join a club to MAKE MONEY.

VERDICT: TVI Express is NOT a travel club

Poll for Myth 3

Do you think TVI Express is backed by some of the biggest travel companies in the world?

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Myth 3: TVI Express is supported by the biggest names in travel

TVI Express distributors have claimed that TVI Express do business with some of the largest names in the travel business. Hertz, Carnival Cruiselines, American Airlines, Hilton Hotels, and more are mentioned. Even Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic was mentioned sometimes as an alleged backer.This is often used as a claim of legitimacy by TVI Express distributors.

FACT: TVI Express is a member of the Travelocity Partner Network, which is just a fancy name for an affiliate program, such as Amazon Associates. You use your own website, but you feed the sales through the other party's website.

Many people have noticed that the TVI Express "back office" is virtually identical to Travelocity. That is because they are using the same backend. Thus, TVI Express is NOT doing business with anyone except Travelocity, and only as an affiliate who feeds sales through.\

FACT: TVI Express is being SUED by Lufthansa, Marriott, and Avis, for falsely claiming to be partners with them, and using their logos without permission. This was reported by a newspaper in Spain called Mallorca Zeitung

FACT: TVI Express have NEVER been associated with Sir Richard Branson. TVI Express previously had cited, under their "expert watch" section, Sir Branson as having a MLM company (which is called VIE at Home). However, Virgin group had divested itself of that company before TVI Express even launched, and thus, TVI Express removed the quote.

VERDICT: TVI Express has nobody's backing.

Poll for Myth 4

Do you think TVI Express has any celebrity endorsements?

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Myth 4: TVI Express is backed by some very famous people

Supposedly, famous people that includes Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, even Warren Buffet, are supporters of TVI Express.

FACT: TVI Express has an "expert watch" section, where those folks are quoted as being a supporter of "network marketing", NOT TVI Express specifically.

FACT: The quote from Warren Buffet, about "best investment I ever made" was misquoted. What Mr. Buffet said was "Dollar for dollar, [network marketing is] the best investment I've ever made." He was referring to Pampered Chef, a company owned by Berkshire Hathaway, his investment firm, not TVI Express. It was chopped from a book by Randy Gage published in 2006.

FACT: Multiple sources pointed to a quote from Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group as having quoted on TVI Express expert watch as well. The quote has since been removed, because Sir Richard Branson has divested itself from "VIE at Home" in January 2009, before TVI Express even launched.

VERDICT: TVI Express has NO BACKING from anybody famous

Poll for Myth 5

Do you think "if it pays, it must be legit" is true or false?

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Myth 5: if it pays, it must be legit

A lot of TVI Express distributors (including more than a few fellow hub-ers) trots out the oldest excuse: it if pays, it must be legit. Or in other words, "show me the money!"

Here's a quote from a fellow hub-er's website (identity concealed)

"TVI Express would be a scam if they didn’t actually pay out 10K and promised that to everyone who joined but as you are reading this people are cashing out 10K over and over again."

FACT: A pyramid scheme will pay out... to SOME people. However, based on the math of how the two matrices (or boards) work as per TVI Express members, each board has 15 members, and you need to cycle through TWO boards to get your $10000, so out of the alleged 600000 members, only about 2667 would have earned their $10000. Actual number of people would be less, due to matrix reentry and stacking (i.e. buying more than one position).

So do the math... less than 0.4% of members will get the big payout.

FACT: Bernie Madoff paid people for decades. He is a fraud.

VERDICT: Something can pay, and still not be legit.


I have presented enough facts to you that have busted several myths surrounding TVI Express, and leaving you the facts for you to consider carefully. I hope you make the right decisions.

Don't forget to check out part 2 and part 3 of the "TVI Express Myths Busted" series, as well as my other series on TVI Express Truths.


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    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      How can TVI Express be in Egypt when they were busted in 2013 by Egyptian authorities?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i think your facts are outdated..just look at tvi egypt...they have other products aside from travel...and can you please write a review about world ventures as well or how do it differ with tvi? are their discounts much much bigger?

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Just because it pays does not prove it's legal. If you want quick money, you can become a smuggler or drug trafficker. You can make money MUCH faster that way.

      That's the "beauty" of TVI Express scam: it never claimed to be legal. People simply ASSUME it is, and spread the unofficial word, such as what you just did. You did not even consider the possibility that it may be illegal, just that it can make money.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Iv seen tvi in south africa pay out lots of people and also some people are getting paid out 3rd or 4th time after exiting the express board so how can u lose.It all depends on your team that u work with and your down lines.

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      No revenge is involved. I never was a member.

      You should see what TVI Express did to another critic's website. A few days after Ted Nuyten published an expose on TVI Express and its alleged leader, Tarun Trikha, the site got hit by a professional cyber-attack that even the webhost can't handle. No, I can't prove it's TVI Express. But who else can it be?

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Are you having some revenge with TVI Express? Cause your article is very clearly, proveable, investigating, and absolutely getting TVI anger... :D

      But, that's ok... Since you also helping another people from scam... Gud luck to you^^

    • kschang profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Thank you for your comment. Be sure to read my other TVI Express busting hubs, and please let any of your friends who may be thinking about joining know about my hubs.

      You can also find up to date news about information TVI Express will NOT tell you (and I don't mean "success secrets" and such recruiting stuff) at my blog:

    • profile image

      Judith Elie 

      10 years ago

      Thank you so much for helping me make a decision with all your research and facts i will not join this company I just knew it was too good to be true.


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