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Eye-Fi X2 SDHC Cards Wireless Uploads to Computer or Internet

Updated on December 29, 2010

Transform Your Digital Camera - The Eye-fi SD Card Makes it Wireless

Mobile computing just gets better and better. This time photographers get the use of a phenomenal technology that may transform the way they work. Point and shoot digital cameras or high-end D-SLRs – doesn’t matter – they both can use the Eye-Fi Connect Wireless SD Card. The need to record photo locations is a thing of the past with the geotagging function. Lead time for sharing photos has been chopped. The Eye-Fi Connect Wireless SD Card makes transferring photos from the camera to the computer or to the Internet (up to 25 different sites including YouTube) automatic and less cumbersome. Depending on the Eye-Fi SD Card version chosen, a wireless network or an ad hoc network will allow a photographer to snap the photo and upload it on the go.


The Eye-Fi Pro X2 Connect Wireless SD Card is available in an 8GB capacity, the Eye-FI Explore X2 Connect Wireless SD Card is available in an 8GB capacity and the Eye-FI Connect X2 Wireless SD Card is available in a 4GB capacity. It is difficult to visualize how much 8GB can store – think of it as the ability to carry around approximately 4000 digital photos and about 3 hours of video with you on a tiny stamp sized memory card. However, with the X2 engine of all three SD Cards allow for the Endless Memory Mode since wireless transfer of digital photos and videos can happen without intervention – continuously freeing up memory. All three versions of the Eye-Fi X2 SD Cards are in the SDHC (Secure Digital High Speed) Class 6 category. Without getting all technical – you can be assured that these SD Cards are designed to be fast. As the memory space of the SD Card is filled the files become fragmented which slows its read/write speeds. A Class 6 SDHC SD Card is designed to cope with fragmentation and still allow for fast read/write speeds.


While all three versions of the Eye-Fi X2 Wireless SD Cards allows for wireless uploads of both digital photos and videos, online sharing of digital photos and videos and the Endless Memory Mode they are not alike in other ways. The 8GB Eye-Fi Explore X2 and the 8GB Eye-Fi Pro X2 share features such as geotagging and hotspot access (up to 10,000 hotspots free for one year). The Eye-Fi Pro X2 SD Card is the only one of the three that can use an ad hoc network to upload files – including RAW photos files - to a computer without a WiFi network or wireless router.


Eye-Fi Connect Wireless SD Cards can be set-up (guide included) to automatically upload files to your chosen locations as soon as it comes into contact with a wireless network. To successfully use the Eye-Fi X2 Connect Wireless SD Card is a compatible SDHC digital camera, a PC running Windows XP or higher, a MAC running OS X 10.4-10.5-10.6, a compatible network b/g/n and a Broadband Internet Connection. Compatible browsers include IE 7, Firefox 2 and 3, or Safari 3.


As I alluded to before the possibilities are nearly endless when you have the right tools. The Eye-Fi X2 Wireless SD Cards provide plenty of storage space for digital photos – both JPEG and RAW and videos. At your direction those files can be uploaded automatically to a computer or to multiple photo sharing sites on the Internet anytime you are within range of a wireless network. Remembering details such as the location of each photo or video is handled by the Eye-Fi SD Card via geotagging.  Professional use or recreational use of the Eye-Fi X2 Wireless SD Card can make photography more enjoyable and productive.


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    • SteveoMc profile image

      SteveoMc 7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Wow! The technology is amazing, I wonder how it really works, there is not too much for reviews, and those are interesting. This technology is going to get better and better and I bet that some cameras will come with their own wifi capabilities. Neat information, thanks.

    • millie52 profile image

      millie52 7 years ago

      voted up-great information.