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Ezvid: The perfect screen recorder for YouTube video makers?

Updated on September 25, 2013

The importance of screen recorders

The reason you would want your YouTube viewers to see what your screen reflects is straightforward. Simply put, letting your viewers see your active screen is more entertaining and more effective than trying to describe to them with words what they are supposed to picture.

Nevertheless, recording your screen to upload it on YouTube is not as easy as one would think. Not because screen recorders require a specific set of skills, but because finding the right software in the first place is actually a challenge in itself.

Evidently, the chances of finding the program that will satisfy you can vary based on your needs. That’s the case especially when you are concerned about your video’s quality, file size and editing capabilities.

There are a number of screen recording programs out there that appear to have what it takes to meet the requirements of almost any YouTuber. However, many applications are made to target a specific group of people with specific needs; thus, if your goals spread themselves over different groups of people, then you might be at loss of keywords to download the right software.

Screenshot of Ezvid's video editing interface.
Screenshot of Ezvid's video editing interface. | Source

Targeting freeware

If you are new to YouTube, chances are that you have yet to make any profit from your account. Eventually, you are likely to go for a screen recorder that will offer you acceptable features at no cost. In order words, freeware is your way to go.

But deciding not to spend at the expense of software quality is just wrong–particularly if you are very demanding when it comes to product effectiveness. That is when top video maker Ezvid comes into play.

What is Ezvid?

Ezvid is basically a 100% free screen recorder and a video editor at the same time, which has been downloaded over 2.5 million times. Yes, and the number of downloads just keeps rising hour after hour. The reality is that numbers don’t lie…

For the image lovers, it is a slideshow maker as well. In order for you to have a nice idea of Ezvid’s features, here is a rough list of what the software can do:

  • Record virtually anything on your computer screen: Video games, web pages, applications, maps, photo editing programs, you name it!
  • Save your recorded videos, edit them and upload them directly to YouTube, right from the application’s interface.

Would you rather choose a software that lets you automatically publish your videos on Facebook instead of YouTube?

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How Ezvid works?

The easy-to-install Ezvid program allows you to create high-resolution videos of max. 45min and gives you the option to upload them in various formats on YouTube. You can record your entire screen, a selected part of it or even your webcam.

Before uploading your recorded screen videos however, you can edit them by adding music to the background from your own internal hard drive or external drive. If you have no MP3 songs to add, you can simply select a random song from Ezvid’s large music library.

You may also add some text to your videos, and decide your text’s placement. What’s more, you have the option to activate speech synthesis if you wish to have your text automatically read by a voice in your video.

Optionally, you can record your own voice with a standalone microphone or your headphones (if it has a built-in microphone). Ezvid recommends the GameCom 780 Surround Sound Gaming Headset, but it is up to you to decide which microphone or headphone suits you best.

Impressively, you can add image slides to enrich your videos. Speed changes, re-arrangement and more editing can be made to your videos before taking advantage of the built-in YouTube uploading feature.

Keyboard shortcuts

Play / Pause
Record audio
Add videos / images
Add text slide
Upload video to YouTube
CTRL + =
Zoom in
CTRL + -
Zoom out
CTRL + 0
Default zoom level
Left Arrow / Page Up
Right Arrow / Page Down
All the commands in this tables can be executed using the mouse by clicking on the various buttons in the application.


Screenshot of an edited video ready to be uploaded on YouTube.
Screenshot of an edited video ready to be uploaded on YouTube. | Source

Further things to note

1) The videos produced by Ezvid are of light weight, so if you are on a low-speed or dial-up internet connection, you have little to worry about when it’s time to upload to YouTube.

2) You can access your raw video files (WMV files, image files and thumbnails) for use in other programs by going to C:\Users\YourComputerName\My Documents\ezvid\projects\

In short, Ezvid is a freeware screen recorder / video maker that lets you make professional, well-edited videos in minutes for the YouTube community.

Screenshot of an almost empty project in Ezvid.
Screenshot of an almost empty project in Ezvid. | Source
4.5 out of 5 stars from 4 ratings of Ezvid Screen Recorder

More features

  • Compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (64 bit Windows as well).
  • Has detailed help videos with thorough walkthroughs
  • Comes with Nation browser add-on.
  • Works on tablet, mobile and browser devices.
  • Has its own keyboard shortcuts
  • Releases updates regularly

System Requirements (minimum)

2.0 GHz processor
1GB ram
10GB free hard drive space
1024 x 768 screen resolution
DirectX 9.0 or later
Windows Media Player

So which program are you using? If you have already tried other video makers or screen recorders such as CamStudio, Camtasia Studio, SnagIt or Fraps, then you should have a clear understanding of Ezvid’s capabilities.

Would you consider Ezvid to make a successful YouTube video? Leave your comments to share your views.


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    • isaacasante profile image

      Isaac Asante 4 years ago from Accra, Ghana

      Thanks so much loveofnight!

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 4 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      useful and interesting, you have done an awesome job with this hub, thanks for the share and happy hubbing.

    • isaacasante profile image

      Isaac Asante 4 years ago from Accra, Ghana

      Nice RonElFran! Show me your video whenever you use your screen recorder! I'm kind of curious.

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      This looks like good info to take note of. I don't need an app like this right now, but I can certainly anticipate it being useful in the future. Thanks!