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FCP SuperMeet Sees Red at NAB

Updated on June 1, 2011

FCP SuperMeet Sees Red at NAB

Red! Blue! You'd think you were back
in summer camp in a typical battle of
color war, but you're not. You're in
the Grand Ballroom at the MGM Grand
Hotel & Casino on Wed. April 16th,
2008, with hundreds and possibly
thousands of technical post
production geeks hoping the
moderator, Larry Jordan, of the
7th Annual NAB FCPUG SuperMeet calls
your red or blue ticket and number
to win amazing, expensive prizes
such as KONA and AJA graphic cards,
digital effects, HD stock footage,
and external drives up to 1.2
terabytes. Michael Horton, the leader
of the Los Angeles chapter of FCPUG,
tells the crowd that if they cheer really loud when
they win they just might be given a few extra prizes to go
with their initial prize. Soon, aging, overweight nerds are
behaving like school children, doing cartwheels and
shouting at the top of their lungs. Oh, to feel young again.
The SuperMeet consists of mostly members of the Final Cut
Pro User Groups from cities all over North America including
Canada. The event takes place during the NAB or National
Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, NV. It's a way for
members to network with other members and connect with
various vendors and/or win big prizes from the great raffle.
During the event, leaders and pioneers associated with the
Final Cut Pro application talk about the latest and greatest
that the Apple software has to offer. Apple, surprisingly not
attending this year's NAB, did not expect this little editing
application would take off as it has over the years. It's the
little engine that could. The event is a celebration of one
of Apple's greatest achievements. The FCP editing software,
as mentioned during the night's activities, is now the only
editing application used by 20th Century Fox for editing
motion pictures. One of the highlights of the evening was a
demonstration by Red, a fairly new company, showcasing
projects filmed with it's cameras. The images are not only
more detailed than HD, they're simply breathtaking. Red is
releasing new cameras at extremely low prices that will turn
the film industry upside down and inside out. Red camera
technology is supported by FCP and the partnership will
surely change the industry drasticly. Who knows what next
year's SuperMeet will bring? These are exciting times.


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