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Video Upload Sites

Updated on September 16, 2011

Upload and Share Your Videos

Broadcast Yourself. That's the tag for the Youtube video sharing social network, a video upload site where people can watch, rate and comment on videos uploaded by other users.

Video upload sites have been around for a while now but they are only getting more and more popular these days and have been one of the catalyst of the new web 2.0 movement where users submit the bulk of a sites web content.

These sites are fun and in many ways informative and addictive. Youtube is among the most visited sites on the internet according to Alexa with millions of people visiting the site each day.

There are lots of other sites like Youtube, some of them standalone and some that are on social networks while others are used for a specific purpose.

Funny Or Die

Funny video


Featured videos on Sharkle
Featured videos on Sharkle

How Video Upload Sites Work.

Video upload sites usually require you to have an account in order to have the full benefits of being a member. Without an account you are restricted to just watching and enjoying the videos although you can still share them.

After you create an account you can then upload your video, which will be hosted on the video upload site, using a special form. Once the video is uploaded it will be given a special url which gives the video a special location on the network.

The user will then tag each video with special keywords which will be used for finding your video and for placing it as a related video to similar ones on the video upload site. This makes finding your video an easy task for other users since it will appear alongside other popular videos with the same tag.

Users can then comment on your video if they like it (or if they don't) and also rate it (5 stars would be great). The can also grab the url and place it on their own website or page or if its the case of a social network like Myspace, add it to their page. Most video upload sites are also social networks.

Sites like also integrate videos from these video upload sites so its easy to share your videos across the internet.

Feedback? Know A Video Upload Site I Forgot?

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  • profile image

    Sudeep Gupta 6 years ago

    Thanks For your hardwork,i appreciate it.

    I have also combined a list of video uploading websites

    Check out my BLog

  • profile image

    jimmytech 6 years ago

    Thanks for great collection of video uploading sites. I m including one more in your list

  • profile image

    Technomouse 7 years ago

    Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

  • profile image

    michael 7 years ago is more a video management system (and not a video sharing site) and comes without any limitations in video length and video size.

  • profile image

    godswill kanu 7 years ago

    this hub was helpful as it made video uploading site searc easy.

  • profile image

    Tommie Wells 7 years ago

    Check out The Band Belief live at The National, and leave a comment. They are awesome!

  • profile image

    bob 7 years ago

    new that is going to be big is

  • profile image

    Anand 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing pure contextual and popular video sharing websites

  • profile image

    Bob 8 years ago

    One more site to include - - a new but growing video upload and sharing site.

  • profile image

    Mayur Sejpal 8 years ago

    Colors Of India...!!!

  • profile image

    Alexandre Choucair 8 years ago

  • profile image

    Rajan Abraham 8 years ago


    I need to know what is the length of the video we can upload in tis size, my video size is in between 30 miniutes to 60 minuts. Plese let me know.


    Rajan Abraham

    (310) 408-2823

  • profile image

    gwun 8 years ago

    ok, so there is a new one with 1gig limit per vid and it looks pretty simple...but my friend is trying to make it 'take off' with an emphasis on it being the 'people's' site not the owner's. check it out...just another resource!

  • profile image

    Dr. Dishevel 8 years ago

    What about the Play Puppet Network? Take a look and let me know. Have a great day.

    Dr. Dishevel

  • profile image

    Mark Reid 8 years ago

    Great information about the different video site's that are available there are so many to use these days and always new ones springing up each month. Take a look at Renderyard which is made one for film makers and musicians which is getting a lot of attention because they have no time limit for the length of the films and an 300mb upload limit per file so they are high res as well check out

  • Josef Benjamin profile image

    Josef Benjamin 9 years ago from Detroit

    This is a very informative hub.

    I sometimes foget how the "really basic stuff" can be very difficult for a lot of people trying to learn how to use it. Thi s is a great newbie guide.

  • Mr Nice profile image

    Mr Nice 9 years ago from North America

    Great hub thanks for sharing the info.

  • profile image

    DJEmRe 9 years ago

    DJ EmRe AT Work

  • profile image

    DNZ 9 years ago


  • profile image

    movshare 9 years ago you can upload full Movies in it.. and the movies stays.. it wont get deleted

  • kpfingaz profile image

    kpfingaz 9 years ago from ~~~

    Added Graspr and thanks Zeng for sharing Contentinople.

  • zeng profile image

    Francis Chung 9 years ago from Malaysia

    Check this out.

    I found this guide of 67 videos sharing sites at

    under heading Guides.

  • zeng profile image

    Francis Chung 9 years ago from Malaysia

    Great job. love your review on how upload sites work.

  • profile image

    Holley Maher 9 years ago

    You forgot Graspr. We are a free instructional video site that is a perfect fit for your Video Sharing section. We have videos about everything from training your dog, to how to build a BBQ.

  • profile image

    Marc Rauchs 9 years ago

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  • profile image

    Existence 9 years ago

    Try for anything attached to faith, beliefs etc. Still growing but heading in the right direction.

  • profile image

    Kerrie 10 years ago

    you forgot its the best around. Also do you know where i can upload a video from a URL?