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Facebook for Android Mobile

Updated on December 15, 2011

I recently purchased a new Android phone, and I have to say that, Android is the amazing operating system of Google. There are lots of things to tell about Android and I can write so many articles upon it, but subject of today's article is limited to the Facebook. Today, we will see the use of Facebook on Android phone. There are two main ways to use Facebook on your Android phone, one is traditional, that is using Facebook via web browser and other is official Facebook Android application. Facebook Application consumes more internal memory and you can't transfer this application to SD card, and so there is the Android version of Facebook that you may like to use on your Android web browser, if your phone have a less internal memory. Let's find out both of these ways one by one.

Facebook Application for Android phone

Actually, last time I had uninstalled official Facebook application for Android phone, as it was consuming a lot of internal memory of my phone, and managing internal memory between applications of Android phone is an important thing. To use Facebook application on your Android phone, you need about 7.5MB internal memory and you can't move this application to your SD card. In the Android market, they say the application is only of about 3.5MB, but when you actually install it, it consumes 7.5MB internal memory of your phone. So, I uninstalled Facebook application for Android phone and decided to use it via web browser. But, if you have a more internal memory and can afford to spend it on Facebook application, then here is the information about it.

I just installed it temporarily to make a review of it. I saw that they have updated their application today itself and now it has a different interface. Previous version is better, but on a cost of bugs. This version is simple, but consumes the same amount of internal memory. There is no any chat application in this version. You have to chat via massage section of Facebook, or you may like to use Nimbuzz for Facebook chat.

Install official Facebook application from Android market. Let's start from the blue menu bar. The new interface is nothing but like the web version of Facebook. There are four buttons in the blue bar. First button will open the left sidebar. This left sidebar contains all the options that you see in the desktop version of Facebook.Then in middle, there are three options, Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications. Finally, there is the option to filter news feeds of Facebook, considering Status Updates, Photos, Links, Pages, Events and the lists that you have in Facebook.

Now, let's come to the grey bar below that blue bar. This bar contains three buttons, Status, Photo and Check in. These two bars are sticky bars and when you scroll news feed of Facebook, they will remain on the top of the page.

Now, press the menu button of your phone. It contains more options regarding Facebook application. There are four options, Settings, About, Logout and Refresh. Press settings button and here are the options to customize your Facebook experience. There is nothing to tell about remaining three buttons, as you can guess their work by their names. If you slide down top most feed, then feed will get refreshed. This is about the Facebook application of your Android phone.

Facebook for Android Phone
Facebook for Android Phone

Facebook Form Android Web Browser

Now, it's the time for me to uninstall Facebook application from my android phone, as I can't afford the internal memory it consumes. So, let's open Android web browser of your mobile phone and type in the address bar. Android version of Facebook mobile will automatically get open in your web browser. In this Android version of Facebook, there is only one blue bar. This blue bar contains four buttons. The first button is about sidebar. This sidebar is same that you see in the desktop version of Facebook. This sidebar contains the option to do Account Settings of Facebook. It also contains the search box to search within Facebook. The access to pages, groups and lists is given within sidebar. Press this sidebar button carefully, you may accidentally press status box, it's a major irritating problem that I regularly face, while using this mobile version of Facebook. Then there are three buttons regarding Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications.

Below the blue bar, there is a box to update your status. You may also decide the privacy of your status, or upload photos to your wall. This is the Android version of Facebook.

Today, we saw how to access Facebook from your mobile phone? If you found this hub helpful, please share it with your friends by using sharing options at the end of this hub.


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