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Facebook Friend Lists, Manage Facebook Friends by Creating a List

Updated on July 5, 2011

Lists and Stages of Life

You may probably have a lot of friends and you have connected with them via Facebook. There are different stages of life. Some friends are close enough that they stay together with us a long period of life, but most people and friends comes in and moves out of our life time to time in these different stages of life. They go somewhere else for a different work, for a different reason and we do the same, and thus the contact with our old friends, partners breaks. Facebook is the most powerful medium to bring this lost contact back and make us all to stay connected together for a lifetime. You can manage all these contacts according to how they came into your life by creating a Facebook List. You can create a list for each stage of life, a list including persons along with you in that stage. You can create lists like primary school friends, school friends, college friends, junior college friends, office friends and brothers etc. etc. A list of any group of people similar to you in some manner.

Facebook Friend Lists

Create a Facebook Friend Lists
Create a Facebook Friend Lists

How to Create a Facebook List?

  1. Roll over the Account Tab at the right hand top corner of your Facebook homepage and select first option Edit Friends. Then there will be a page in front of you as shown in the above image.
  2. In the image, at the left hand side sidebar, you can see the Facebook friend lists that I have created, like school friends, room mates, primary school friends, family, college friends etc. The newly added friends that yet to categorize under any list are shown under friends not on a list. You can add them manually in a specific list.
  3. How to start with creating a list? The option for that is show in the image. Press Create a List button to start creating a list.

A New Facebook List

Create a New Facebook List
Create a New Facebook List

Facebook List in a Sidebar of a Profile

Facebook Friend Lists in a sidebar of a Facebook Profile.
Facebook Friend Lists in a sidebar of a Facebook Profile.

Create a List

  1. After you press the button Create a list, a new pop up window will get appear in front of you suggesting you to give a name to that list and add some friends in it.
  2. Enter a name of a list in the given empty box suggesting the group of a people you are going to add in this list.
  3. Then add some friends or colleagues to this list and finally press button Create List.
  4. Thus you have created a new Facebook friend list. You can manage this list later on, from the same page that you have been now.

How to add Facebook Friend List to Facebook Profile?

Now, the question is how to add a newly created Facebook friend list to your Facebook Profile? It is very simple.

  1. Go to your Facebook Profile page.
  2. Pree Edit Profile button.
  3. Select Editing option about Friends and Family.
  4. As shown in the image below, there is an option Add an existing list or group. You can use it to add already created lists to your Facebook Profile.
  5. You can also start creating a new list with create new list option.
  6. You can see lists added to your profile in featured friends section on the same page. There is also a count of number of friends or colleagues in a specific list.
  7. Save Changes and now you see your Facebook Friend lists on your Facebook Profile page. Left hand sidebar of your Facebook Profile will show your Facebook Friend Lists. The image on the right hand side showing the same type of a lists implementation on a Facebook profile.

Facebook List to Facebook Profile

Add Facebook List or Group to the Facebook Profile
Add Facebook List or Group to the Facebook Profile

Thus we have seen how to create a Facebook Friend List and how to manage it and implement it on your Facebook Profile. I hope you found this article helpful. Please share it with your friends by using sharing options given at the end of this hub.


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