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Facebook timeline cover size

Updated on June 17, 2012
Facebook timeline cover size
Facebook timeline cover size

Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. But it has grown to a level more than just a social networking site. It has grown to a level that the traffic in the site is exceeding that of Google. Having a good Facebook profile will benefit you in many ways.

Facebook Cover photo

Facebook cover photo option is available only in timeline profile view. If your Facebook profile is still in the old view mode, you have to switch to Time line view to put cover photo. Once you have switched to timeline view, there will be an option to add cover photo in your profile page itself. See the picture below to see the option

Add a cover photo option in Facebook in the right side of your profile picture
Add a cover photo option in Facebook in the right side of your profile picture
Warning while using cover photo
Warning while using cover photo

Once you have selected the option to add a photo as your Facebook timeline cover photo, Facebook will show a warning about what you can use as profile picture. Facebook will tell you to use some photos from your life. You cannot use copy righted photos (even though most of the people are using them downloaded from internet). Also usage of photos promoting your products or sites is also not allowed.

Getting a photo correctly matching the pixel restrictions of Facebook is a hectic task. The correct resolution of Facebook timeline cover photo is 851x315 pixels (widthxheight). The problem with this resolution is that this cannot be obtained directly from any of the camera photos. If you are using any photos captured through your mobile or digital camera a considerable portion will be cut out.

How to make Facebook timeline Cover photo size correct?.

Create your own Facebook timeline cover photo

First thing you can do is if you have any photo editing software like Gimp or Photoshop, create a new photo with the same resolution required for facebook timeline cover, which is 851x315. Select options File -> create new photo. Then it will ask for the resolution of the picture you want to create. Give the values 851x315. Then you will get correct size. After that you can add, the pictures you like into this picture by copying on the base picture. If you do not have any photo editing software, you can use online photo editor. Also there are many online cover photo designing services.The advantage of creating a cover photo of your own is that you can create in the way you like. You can add one or many lovely moments of your life in the cover photo.

Upload a large photo and corp from Facebook.

Facebook will not allow you to download photos with width less than 399 pixels. If you are not fond of creating a new picture for cover photo, the easy thing you can do is to upload a photo will large resolution which is not taken in close shot. Then Facebook will give you the option to crop the photo. But if the photo is taken in close range, you will not get the cover photo correctly.

Download a cover photo from internet.

Of course this is the idea for the most lazy people. There are many good generic designs in internet. You can simply search in Google for Facebook timeline cover photos. While searching if you give the pixel filter criteria same as Facebook timeline cover size you will get photos, that you can upload directly as your Facebook timeline cover photo.

Facebook timeline cover photo examples

Facebook timeline cover recent and common style
Facebook timeline cover recent and common style


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    • sam.azgor profile image

      Sam Azgor 4 years ago from Bangladesh

      awsome hub. specially the profile photos :) thanx for share.

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 5 years ago from India

      @internpete&Rachel- Glad to know this article was useful for you people.

    • profile image

      Rachel 5 years ago

      I was trying to add my most cute photo as my timeline cover photo. It is taken in mobile. So it is not allowing me to upload. On reading your blog only I understood that it will not allow you to upload images with width less than 399 pixels resolution. Now I am trying the idea of creating a new cover image of the resolution you said and embedding the picture in that along with some other pics. Thanks a lot for sharing such useful information.

    • internpete profile image

      Peter V 5 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

      Nice hub, I didn't know what the size of the FB cover photo was, but now that I do, I might try making a photo for it. Thanks!