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Fee Free Phone Card Review

Updated on July 6, 2011

Fee Free Phone Card Review

Everyone who've read my articles about the phone card industry know I always advocate purchasing phone cards with no fees.

Phone card fees are just plain annoying and it's a real hassle trying to figure out how many minutes you're really paying for. Here are 3 common phone card fees:

  1. Connection fee
  2. Maintenance fee
  3. Carrier surcharge fee

Each fee is different depending on the phone card. Sadly most people purchase phone cards with fees mainly because they're attracted to the cheaper call per minute rates.

But did you know there are phone cards without fees that offer attractive call per minute rates?

Fee Free phone card by Speedypin
Fee Free phone card by Speedypin

Fee Free Phone Card Information

Here is a great example of a fee free phone card offered only through The card is simply called "Fee Free" and is one of the cleanest cards out there. What I mean is there is absolutly no fees involved in this phone card whatsoever.

The access number is toll free so there's some extra savings for you as well.

What's even better is there's a 1 minute rounding on this Fee Free card.

For of those who don't know what this means, let me explain it this way; If you purchased a phone card with a 3 minute rounding and you make a call that lasts only 30 seconds, that call is still considered 3 minutes. Consequently all phone cards with fees have have minute rounding that range between 2 to 4 minutes.

This is another reason why you should stay away from phone cards with fees.

Speedypin Website
Speedypin Website

A short video review about Speedypin

Sample Rates from Fee Free Phone Card

No fees and great rates. Two reasons alone why Fee Free phone card is a great choice. Another reason why I recommend Fee Free phone card is because since it's provided through Speedypin you're protected through a 100% Guarantee. This is why I really have no problems at all recommending them to you. It really says a lot about a company when they're willing back up their products with such a policy.

Here are some rates for calling some of the most popular called countries. The latest rates you see below are based on calls made from the Continental USA connecting to a land line. Keep in mind these rates change through time, but it'll give you a rough idea of how good the rates are per minute:

  • Australia - 3¢
  • Brazil - 4¢
  • China - 1.9¢
  • France - 1.9¢
  • Germany - 1.9¢
  • Greece - 1.9¢
  • India (major cities) - 4¢
  • Italy - 1.9¢
  • Mexico (major cities) - 1.9¢
  • Pakistan - 10¢
  • Russia - 5¢
  • United Kingdom - 1.9¢

Have you ever tried this phone card before?

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