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How to Go to or Find a Specific Date on Samsung Reality Cell Phone Calendar

Updated on January 16, 2011


Samsung Reality cell phone has a calendar. If you want to find a specific date on your Samsung Reality calendar, you have come to the right place.  This article will show you how to go to a specific date so that you can see what is going on that day (event, meeting, appointment, etc)

Step 1

With your screen unlocked go to "Menu"

Step 2

Select "Calendar"

Step 3

The Samsung Reality calendar will appear. The default view is the full month view.  Choose the date you want to check by pressing the "Go To" button on the phone screen.

Step 4

"Go To Date" box will appear with a date inside. Touch the "Go To Date" box with your finger so that the cursor is in the box

Step 5

This is the slightly tricky part.  The only way to change the date is to overwrite the numbers in the date.  At first I tried deleting the date by pressing that arrow button with the 'x' in the middle located in the upper right corner of the Qwerty keyboard. The only result was that I would automatically be put back into the previous screen.

Step 6

Press "Go" at the bottom of the Samsung Reality screen and it will take you to that specific date.  The event, birthday, meeting etc for that specific event will appear on the right side of the phone.


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