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How To Format Memory Card On Verizon Reality Phone

Updated on October 2, 2010

Step 1

Insert the memory card into the upper right slot on the right side of your phone as shown. Be sure the name/logo of the card (Sandisk) is facing you. Press the memory card all the way in and close the 'door'.

Step 2

You'll get a message on the phone stating "Card inserted. Picture, Video & Sound will be saved to card memory. Accept changes?

For sake of this article I hit "No". Of course, if you are intending to save pics, vids and mbs to the card, hit "yes."

Steps 3

Then, at the screen that shows all the Samsung Reality command icons, select the "Menu" icon.

Step 4

Then press "Settings and Tools" on your Samsung Reality cell phone touch screen.

Step 5

The next screen you are going to want to choose "Memory"  You will not see "Memory" on the screen unless you scroll down and find it. It is there though just scroll down toward the bottom of the touch screen.

Step 6

Then press "Card Memory". 

Note: If you do not have the memory card inserted or properly inserted into the Samsung reality cell phone you'll get a "No Card Memory. Insert Card" message. You'll need to check your card if this happens.

Step 7

Press "Format Card" on your Samsung Reality cell phone touch screen.  You'll need to scroll down to see this as you won't see "Format Card immediately on the screen. Just scroll down, it's there :-)

Step 8

When the touch screen asks you if you want to format card, choose "Yes" then your card is formatted.

I hope this article helped teach you how to format the memory card on the Samsung Reality cell phone handset. Thanks for reading.


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