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Finding Default Joomla Template: How to Find Current Default Template in Joomla?

Updated on June 3, 2011

Discovering Joomla default template is very simple. Joomla templates are the main look and feel of your website. Each Joomla site must have a default template installed. It's simple to find out the default current template of Joomla. Finding the default template in Joomla is the main vision of this page.

Reasons to Find the Default Current Template

  • If you would like to change the current default template, you must have to know the location of the template where the template is installed.
  • If you like to change anything like color, background etc. you need to access the default template and then have to change the code.
  • If you like to change or add new menus, submenus, polls etc. customization look and feel then you must have to access the default template and then change it.

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Getting Ready to Start

To find the default Joomla installed template, you need to log in to the Joomla! administration panel, which you can reach by going to the address directory (where Joomla! is installed)  in your web browser address bar.

Note: Here example is the name of your domain address. If your domain name is like then you have to go address and then have to log in with username and password.

Steps to Find Current Default Joomla Template

Step 1: When you have logged in to your Joomla! website's administration panel, then navigate to the Template Manager feature under Extensions | Template Manager in the menu.

Finding Joomla Template Manager
Finding Joomla Template Manager

Step 2: When the page has been loaded, a list of the templates will be visible that are currently installed on your Joomla!-powered website.

Installed Templates of Joomla Site
Installed Templates of Joomla Site

Step 3: A list of installed templates will be visible to the table of the template list. The current default template displays a star icon under the Default title in the table. By default the the current default template is the rhuk_milkyway, which is installed by default at the time of your Joomla installation.

Default Joomla Template
Default Joomla Template

How It Works

Joomla!'s Template Manager feature helps the administrator to access all the installed teimplates which are currently available to use. It also allows the site owner to change the template as default template that your website's visitors will see.

More Infomation to Know...

There are lots of information which can be viewable by simple a click on any template. Just choose the template and you can find more information related to the template under the template of Template Manager section.

Tips and Ticks

Hover your mouse cursor to any name of the template in the list of the templates and you will see a small thumbnail preview of what the Joomla! template looks like. This can be useful to choose a default template of your website.


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