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Firefox Free Mobile Web Browser

Updated on December 14, 2011

Free Teashark Mobile Web Browser

Last year so many peoples enjoyed free firefox mobile web browser. Because at that time peoples are surfing the entire web without paying any bills, using free firefox mobile web browser. This trick became popular with time. So then obviously the end result is came through bills.

This browser is not so much developed like opera, but its basic working process is like opera. Means you can see the entire website on your mobile screen, like you are watching it on your computer screen at the moment. Then you can zoom over the part of the website that you would like to watch. The firefox mobile web browser is also known with the name teashark. Teashark and firefox both are same free mobile web browsers. You can get free firefox mobile web browser here.

Free mobile web browser

Free firefox mobile web browser
Free firefox mobile web browser


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