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Top Five Free Mobile Phone Web Browsers

Updated on December 14, 2011


Today, we will see the top five mobile phone web browsers, which are officially available free of cost on their manufacturer's websites. These mobile phone web browsers will improve your mobile web surfing experience that you have never seen before with your mobile phone's default web browser. Instead of using mobile phone's inbuilt default web browser, so many people now a days using Opera Mini on their mobile phone. They may be happy, satisfied and getting a very good feeling while surfing with Opera Mini, but now UC mobile web browser putting a challenge in front of Opera Mini to improve the functionality of their service.

Today, most of the technical blog writers around the glob are talking about iPhones, Smart Phones, Symbian and Android Phones. But, the thing we must have to consider here is that, everyone do not have an iPhone, Smart Phone or Android Phone. There are number of people who are using JAVA enabled mobile phones. Considering this in to my mind, below is my list of top five mobile phone web browsers.

1. UC Web Mobile Browser

UC Web is the mobile web browser application from China. UC web browser is fast, stable and it provides flexible Internet experience to reader. UC web is supported with more than 3000 phone models in 200 brands. It's easy to save and manage bookmarks in UC mobile web browser. The more information about this popular UC web browser is available on their official site. You may download UC web browser from the same domain.

UC Mobile Web Browser
UC Mobile Web Browser | Source

2. Opera Mini Mobile Web Browser

Opera Mini is the well known mobile web browser in the world. This is one stylish and useful mobile web browser with perfect mobile web browsing experience. Opera Mini is a fast mobile web browser, it compresses data upto 80%, so you have to pay less on data charges. It is easy to copy and paste text, and manage bookmarks in Opera Mini mobile web browser. You may like to read more features of Opera Mini mobile. The download option is available on the same domain.

Opera Mini Mobile Web Browser
Opera Mini Mobile Web Browser | Source

3. Bolt Mobile Web Browser

Bolt mobile web browser offers uncompromised browsing experience on all phones. Bolt works from over smartphones to basic mobile phones. This browser is based on Webkit based platform. Webkit is the layout engine behind smartphones. It is the only J2ME browser which can play streaming flash and videos form the sites like YouTube and Facebook. Bolt mobile web browser is free to download at

Teashark Mobile web Browser
Teashark Mobile web Browser | Source

4. Teashark Mobile Web Browser

Teashark is a feature reach mobile web browser with easy navigation, zoom, landscape, multiple tabs and history. The new Teashark mobile web browser is smaller, faster and better. If you want know more information and features of Teashark, it is available at You may download Teashark mobile web browser form the same place. Teashark Mobile web browser is similar to that of Firefox basic mobile web browser. You would like to try Teashark.

5. Nokia (Ovi) Mobile Web Browser

You can download Nokia browser (formerly known as Ovi Browser) from Ovi store by Nokia for free of cost. Compression technology of this browser makes web pages to open quickly with less Internet data charges. Using this mobile phone web browser, you may do social networking, download videos and save images. The video embedded below will show you more about this Nokia mobile web browser.

This is my list of top five free mobile web browsers. I hope you found this hub helpful. You may like to share this information with your friends by using sharing options below.


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    • profile image

      vipin 5 years ago

      hey karen u can download opera borwser 5.1 ,, then u can browse the internet faster

    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP ME!! Iv been trying for EVER to get a FASTER FREE mobile browser H E L P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have a GVerizon Samsung mobile phone with web I do not have Java on my mobile,,,wondering if this is why im having so much trouble?