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Five Free Tower Defense iPhone and Android Games

Updated on February 24, 2016

Tower defense games took the world by storm when it first came out for the iPhone and Android phones. It is a game which requires the gamer to strategized on the placement of the defense towers or units so as to prevent enemy units from reaching their end points.

Popularity of this real-time strategy subgenre had prompted many more developers to create such games. Below is a list of some of the best free tower defense games in different themes and styles.

OMG: TD! - Choose your God
OMG: TD! - Choose your God

OMG: TD! (iPhone)

Olympus style Tower Defense! Your quest is to save Mt. Olympus by deploying a range of Greek gods and heroes. You start out with Zeus and Ares and as you progress along the way, you get to unlock other gods such as Hades and Poseidon. Zeus is able to attack both land and air by throwing lightning bolts, while Ares is your warrior-like hack and slash soldier that cuts everything in his path, powerful but slow in attack. Some of the other gods such as Artemis is an archer in the game while Chione is akin to an ice wizard, freezing everyone in her path. The game has cheeky quotes such as describing Poseidon as someone who moonlights as a sushi chef.

You will also get to use purchasable and unlockable heroes such as Hercules, centaur, griffon and siren to aid you in your quest. These heroes can be equipped with items such as the Mohawk Helmet to increase his stats and aesthetic overview. You will also have access to other special functions such as the fist of god to crush a group of monsters or to make Hercules seem like a bulging weight-lifting Olympian.

OMG: TD! - Face Mystic Foes
OMG: TD! - Face Mystic Foes

There are also the shrines that look like large pools. The Cannon shrine allows you to blast electric waves while Water shrine can be used to push monsters back down the path. These shrines can also be super charged during the game play itself.

In this game, you will be taking on mythological monsters such as titans and cyclopses. Destroying them will result in souls, the game’s currency, to upgrade your gods and heroes for both their levels as well as skills. One tip to gain free souls is by watching ads videos on its “free souls” blue tab at the top of the screen.

Fantasy Defense 2 - Useful Help Section
Fantasy Defense 2 - Useful Help Section

Fantasy Defense 2 (iPhone / Android)

The King of Darkness which you have destroyed in the first series will be revived when the seven black moons rise, thus kicking off the story plot of the game. Hangame’s Fantasy Defense 2 is a sequel to its highly successful Fantasy Defense.

Your tower defense characters looks like those heroes found in RPG games. There are four to choose from: Defender (aka Knight), Witch, Assassin and Summoner. You are able to upgrade both their individual skills and level.

Your soldier units comprise of 3 classes, the soldier, archer and mage. Each class can be further developed by “scouting” their respective niche for a fee, which comes in the form of gems. For example, a Soldier can be upgraded to a Sword Master after you have scouted it, whereas Archers can be upgraded into Wild Shooters. Each class will also have its own skills such as critical hit and poison for archer, while soldier has the capability to stun.

Fantasy Defense 2 - Scout to get new classes
Fantasy Defense 2 - Scout to get new classes

In the archive section you get to unlock various game specials such as the concept art that reflects the different status you have achieved. For example you will get a “Honor Student” concept art should you log into the game 5 days in a row or the “Perfectionist” concept art after clearing 30 stages perfectly.

You are able to play the game in story or sudden death mode. In addition, the game has a very useful help section that acts as a quick guide to everything you need to know on how to play the game.

Storm of Magic - Unlock New Towers
Storm of Magic - Unlock New Towers

Storm of Magic (iPhone)

Storm of Magic is tower defense set in medieval theme with a fusion of magic. The story takes place in the kingdom of Londerol where demons and orcs are planning to lay waste to the world. You are the apprentice of the Magister of Magic Farian, who will wield magic and the ancient towers to stop this apocalypse.

For every map you get to choose the level of difficulty which will gain you different amount of gems and scrolls. These gems allow you to upgrade your towers and enhance your magic.

As you progress you will unlock even more magic such as fireball and lightning strike as well as other types of towers like Dwarven and Nature tower. The strategies of how you place your towers are extremely important as even the normal level starts to get difficult fast. You can also participate in side quests that will gain you more experience and mana.

Storm of Magic - Protect the princess
Storm of Magic - Protect the princess

You get mana for every enemy killed, which can be used to build and upgrade towers. Different towers are suited for different enemies, such as the fire tower, where it is strong against flesh and blood but weak against machines. Some enemy require magic like fireball to be destroyed. Casting a fireball takes time, around one to two seconds before it reaches the battlefield. Thus you should aim slightly further ahead of where the enemies are moving towards in order to ensure that your fireball will hit them.

Guns ‘n’ Glory - Wild Wild West
Guns ‘n’ Glory - Wild Wild West

Guns ‘n’ Glory (iPhone / Android)

Guns ‘n’ Glory by Handygames is one of the best tower defense games in wild wild west style. You start out by choosing areas such as Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada and Mississippi to conquer and control. You can also purchase extra map pack such as Alaska.

A unique game play would be that you can move your “towers” (in the form of bandits) around after “awakening” them with gold that you get from killing the settlers arriving at your turf. These settlers can also hide in band wagon that provides them with extra armour. Your choice of bandits range from Desperados (sharpshooters) to Natives (little Indians shooting fire arrows) and Scattergun Grandpa (shotgun marksmen), amongst many others.

The game uses classical places like Death Valley. Partnering different characters at various parts of the map maximises their defence capability. The game also allows you to choose the difficulty levels and can be quite long for each map.

Guns ‘n’ Glory - Choose your bandit!
Guns ‘n’ Glory - Choose your bandit!

Pirate Legends TD (iPhone)

Tower Defense set in the Caribbean seas during the pirates Era, you start out as a pirate robbing from the imperial marines before they found out about a powerful magic relic amongst the treasure, thus starting their hunt of you.

In this game you get to select from a list of 20 towers (mostly unlockable along the way of course) to protect your main pirate ship. These towers house soldiers ranging from gunner to Voodoo Man and oil rigs. A Voodoo Man shoots magic which can greatly penetrates physical defence, whereas the puffer fish in the oil rig spills the oil and slow down the marines.

Defence can also come in the form of your main ship. Your main ship has special functions such as shooting turtle rockets or multiple-cannon blasts. You can also direct its cannons towards incoming enemies, the ship’s blast can help to take them out as well.

Another special feature would be to use relic powers to summon the legendary Kraken from the depths of the ocean to swallow enemies or other summons such as the whirlwind. When the whirlwind is cast, you can even tilt your device to control the whirlwind to wreak havoc and send your enemies crashing backwards.

Pirate Legends TD - Guard your ship
Pirate Legends TD - Guard your ship

In-game currencies come in two forms, Anchor and Human Toe. Using anchors allow you to upgrade your skills within the massive “Tech Tree” at the end of each stage. Shopping in a Voodoo shop lets you exchange toes into summons such as the Kraken, calling down fog to slow down enemies and hurricanes. Using the toes as chips, you can even try your luck at the Mystery Box that throws out random items, which some can be really expensive should you get it at the Voodoo shop.

Flying ace shop is accessible after you finish your first two maps. These ace pilots rain down bullets in their aircraft during the game play. You can also access the in-game Wikipedia called “Pirate-Pedia”, where you can find all the information about your accessible towers and enemies.

You cannot quicken the game pace though, and there aren’t many places within the map where you can build your towers so you may have to plan your strategy out really well.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I found Zombie Attack: Apocalypse really addicting. It's a wall defense, not a tower defense, but still worth a shot.

    • Lex Neal profile imageAUTHOR

      Lex Neal 

      4 years ago

      Hi Shaguftah, thks for reading. Hope you will enjoy the games as much as I do


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