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Five Reasons To Buy a Kindle Now

Updated on December 16, 2009

The Amazon Kindle has appeared in 2007 and is by now a huge success in sales. It has been featured in the Oprah show as a revolution in the way books are sold and read. However, there are still a lot of people that have no idea of how the Kindle work, or why they should have one.

In this article, I show how the Amazon Kindle can be a gadget that will change the way you read books. It has the potential to serve as a fantastic tool for education and dissemination of knowledge at a price that is as small as ever.

Here are five reasons why the Amazon Kindle is revolutionizing the way people interact with books.

  • It is cheaper than ever: Although the Amazon Kindle started at a relatively high price, been sold at about $500, since then the price has come down significantly. It is now possible to buy a Kindle for close to half of its original price. And the advantages are not only the same, they have been improving continuously since its release.  
  • It can save you big money: The next thing about the kindle is that is allows huge savings for its owners. In a world where books are everywhere, the number of publications that a single person needs to buy is increasing every years. This means that more and more money is spent on books, which could go to other important areas. The Amazon Kindle can help on saving in each book. The big advantage of the Kindle is that it saves money on the printing process. Beyond the fact that this helps the environment, using the Kindle can save big bucks for readers. Kindle items in the Amazon store are usually priced significantly lower than traditional books.  
  • It is really simple to use: The next reason you should buy an Amazon Kindle is that it is a really simple to use device. The design of the Kindle tries to replicate the way one reads on paper. There is no awkward commands to learn, and you can almost immediately start reading your books. The process of flipping pages, saving locations, loading a new book, all of this was carefully designed by Amazon.
  • You have access to books everywhere: Another advantage, is that you can have your books anywhere you go. With the device connected to the Internet through a wireless system (which is free of charge), you can download any of millions of books at any time.  Amazon delivers books for the Kindle instantaneously, so you can start reading almost immediately after buying a book. With the new versions of the Kindle you can also do this from countries other than the USA.
  • It stores thousands of books: Finally, a big advantage of the Kindle is that you can store several books in the same device. Different from traditional books, which you need to carry over in multiple volumes, the Kindle is designed to hold up to thousands of books. An extensible memory device can be added to hold even more books. It is a fantastic way to have access to all your library, from a single device.


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    • fits4life profile image

      Cherri Brown-Jett 7 years ago from Richmond

      Truthful information here about the kindle. My, how times have changed. This is a great item to promote. Good job.