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Fix your iPhone

Updated on August 22, 2016

Technology seems to be a double edged sword. It makes your life so much simpler, until your iPhone breaks and you can't look up your schedule, lose all your contacts and precious photos, and just happen to be lost and can't pull up a map! If you find yourself in such a situation take a second to calm down, you might be able to fix it yourself and save the trouble of talking with tech support. Try these 3 do-it-yourself tricks that might fix your iPhone no matter what the problem is.

1. Restart

Your iPhone is a little computer and half of it's problems can be fixed just by turning it off and on again. (Yes, there's a reason IT always asks that first.) To restart you iPhone press and hold the sleep/wake button at the top of your iPhone until it says slide to power off. Slide the bar across the screen and the phone will power off. Tap the sleep/wake button again to turn the phone on again, slide to unlock and see if the problem has been fixed.

2. Reset

If restarting doesn't fix your phone the next thing to try is a reset. It may sound scary but resetting your iPhone won't lose any of your personal information aside from network passwords. Go to settings>general>reset and your iPhone should be working better, especially if you were having issues with your network connection.

3. Restore

This is the step that warrants a little hesitance. If nothing else is working than your iPhone may need to be restored. Which means that it will be restored to factory settings, like a brand new iPhone, and all of your content and settings will be erased. This isn't a huge problem if you make regular backups so it's worth taking the time to plug your phone into iTunes every once and awhile to save your info.

To restore your iPhone you'll need to open iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer. Once it's recognized you should see a button that says restore. The process can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes and will need an internet connection to erase your iPhone and update it with software and default settings. Then you'll need to restore from your backup and re-sync.

I hope that these 3 tips help you keep your iPhone working and your iPhone experience stress free. If you're having issues with your iPhone, remember the 3 Rs: Restart, Reset, Restore. Remember to make regular back ups of your phone in case anything unexpectedly goes wrong. Let me know if these iPhone fixes work for you or if you have any other questions.


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