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Fling Joystick for the iPad adds Tactile Feel to Gaming

Updated on March 15, 2011

The iPad is very versatile. Apps from the app store lets us work and play all on the same device. There are several ways to interact with the iPad – by touch, by keyboard, by stylus and now even by joystick. The Fling Joystick makes gaming fun and exciting and is a bit surprising to most people that have never seen such a device.

Until now gamers had deal with virtual joysticks to play high action games on their iPad. If asked, many of them would tell you that the experience was less than desirable. After resigning themselves to the reality of limited game controls - Ten One Designs figured out a way to trick the capacitive Touchscreen of the iPad. The Center of the Fling Joystick is made of a conductive material that interacts with the iPad Touchscreen much the way your finger does.


Gamers like the tactile feel of a joystick or gaming console much like most people like the feel of typing on a traditional keyboard. They like to feel the result of their actions. The Fling Joystick can be used on any game that has an on-screen or virtual joystick. The enjoyment is increased a lot with the Fling Joystick since it allows the player to experience force-feedback. As the player controls the game with the Fling Joystick, the Fling is continually trying to return to the center position – also called Auto-centering. This feature allows for increased control of the game being played.



One Fling iPad Joystick or two Fling Joysticks – it is your choice. Each one will cost you approximately $25. Each Fling iPad Joystick attaches to the screen of the iPad via suction cups. Positioning of the Fling Joysticks is determined by the game you are playing. If there are virtual joysticks on the screen, cover them with the Fling Joysticks. Otherwise your preference and comfort determines their placement. The suction cup is clear so not to block the view of the action happening on the screen. The engineering grade resin used in the construction of the Fling Joystick allows for flexibility while being tough enough to withstand even the most active gamer.  

There are three colors available. The Ice Fling is clear all over, the Ninja Fling has a black splash of color and the ultraviolet Fling has a splash of purple. The Fling Joysticks come with a carrying pouch that makes them totally mobile.

Gamers get out there, take iPad gaming to the next level and enjoy!



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