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For Newbies - Your Blog In 5 Minutes

Updated on December 27, 2012

For Newbies - Your Blog In 5 Minutes

Making a blog may appear as a difficult job to a newbie. Of course it's not, if you know how to do it. Let's suppose you already have a domain name and a hosting account and the DNS servers are already propagated. You must go tou your cPanel (h ttp://your-domain/cpanel) and use your credentials to get access to cPanel. If your hosting is on a Linux server (recommended) you'll see something like this.

Click on "Fantastico de Luxe" to go to the next page.

You'll see a menu with 3 options (b2evolution, Nucleus and WordPress). Select WordPress.

Complete the forms as you see in the attached image. As you can see, you can install the blog in the root directory or in a folder. Also, you can install it in a sub-domain.

After form completing, click the "Install WordPress" button.

The last page will ask for an email address. After installation, the script will send to this email some details about your installation. This is very useful for a later use, so be sure to insert a valid and stable email address in the form. Also, do not delete the message you'll receive.

Your WordPress blog is basically ready. You can start posting to your blog. Of course, there is a lot of work you need to do: install plug-ins, new themes, etc.


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