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Free Domain Parking Alternative

Updated on December 27, 2012

If you have an unused domain name you may want to use it to generate some revenue by parking the domain name to a parking company (like Sedo or others). It's an easy process: you only need to point your DNS servers to some dns offered by the parking company. If you park your domain name you don't need to purchase a hosting account; on the other hand, you will not be able to control the content (and thus the performance) of your domain. Your pseudo-website will not be indexed by search engines and you will need to find some interesting ways to generate traffic, as submitting your website to traffic exchanges is usually forbidden by parking company.

Still, for some people parking may be the best solution.

If you can afford a small, monthly fee to spend on hosting, you can use your domain name(s) to generate revenue by using Adsense (or other advertising network, like Adbrite, InfoLinks, Chitika). There are a few paid solutions (scripts+templates) you may use. But in this article I want to show you how you can generate a website (in only a few minutes) by using a free script. But first, a small presentation. The script will generate a website by getting the most fresh tweets from twitter (real-time; the tweets will refresh evry few seconds), based on a keyword you put in the script configuration file. To get the most from your website you must use high traffic words as keywords. You may also configure the number of tweets that will appear on the website. All this content is clothed in a template (you may also modify the template).

The script is based on Juitter, the free jQuery plugin that allows live mode tweets, bad words filtering, automatic linking of URLs and users and more.

The script can be easily installed (5-10 minutes to configure it correctly and a few seconds to upload it to your hosting account) and it will work on the root directory, a folder, sub-folder or sub-domain.

Here you can see a demo website and download the free script.

Below you can see a small image of the script in action.


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