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Forget the New Apple iPod Nano 6g and iPod Touch 4g - Remember iPod 1G Speech?

Updated on September 13, 2010

A quick blast from the past in MP3 Player History

The latest generation of Apple iPods have been announced. All this hype about the admittedly superb looking set of new iPods is very interesting. The latest Apple iPod Touch 4G is a really powerful device, the iPod Nano with its touchscreen technology and small size is a great piece of kit. Whilst the updated iPod Shuffle proves that there was such thing as too small, and they have made a great small device.

However back in 2001, Steve Jobs could never of realised that at a low-key keynote event he introduced the world to iPod 1G. Looking at this video now, you appreciate why Apple blew the competition away. NOTHING was even close to the iPod, something I personally didn't realise at the time.

Just watch this amazing unveiling speech video from Steve Jobs about the original Apple iPod. no one in that room could of realised just how big iPod brand was to become. I personally have never owned an iPod, but this video makes you understand how Apple didn't just reinvent the game, but rewrote the rule book, and ran the league! It really shows you how far revolutionary iPod was. The battery life was unparalleled at the time, however the transfer speed of firewire compared to USB of the day helped give iPod a position that could not be matched until USB 2.0 was released. There is no point having a 5GB player if it takes all day to add the songs. Plus the size of iPod compared to Creative's hard drive player, which was the size of a portable CD player made it revolutionary. Even now it looks impressive.

To this day Sony, the kings of audio in the day, must be kicking themselves for not making this first.

Enjoy this 2001 introductory speech by Steve Jobs on the original iPod.


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