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New Apple iPod Nano 6G Product Review

Updated on September 22, 2010

Smaller, Lighter but better?

Until the relatively recent release of the iPod Touch, the iPod Nano was the best selling product of the iPod range at the time year on year. This years new 6th gen iPod Nano is arguably the biggest change to an iPod product ever. 

With it they have combined those two best selling products together by creating a small touchscreen nano. It is 46% smaller and 42% lighter than the previous generation, but is this a good thing?

iPod Nano 6th Gen Vital Stats:

  • 1.54-inch colour TFT display
  • 240x240 resolution multi-touch display
  • 8GB or 16GB Capacity
  • 24 hour continously playing music battery life
  • Nike+
  • FM radio

Does the Nano's 1.5in Touchscreen work?

There is a reason Apple had not jumped on the bandwagon of making small touchscreen MP3 players like many manufacturers. They believed that it was not possible to do well. There are many around and have been for several years, but most are slow and unresponsive, and even the best can only be classed as average when it comes to touch response.

Apple have once again delivered. Being Apple it has multitouch, which is pretty amazing considering its size. By adding this feature it means that the accuracy of the touch has to be nigh on perfect, and it really is impressive to see. You can simply glide across the menus, and scroll down to see artists, much as you would with the scroll wheel. Whether touch screen makes progress quicker is a different matter and probably a personal choice. However Apple have gone some lengths to make this everyday action much simpler to navigate. To do this the screen displays a large letter of where you are. This sounds like a simple feature, and it is, but it makes scrolling through hundreds of artists very easy to gauge where you are. As you stop you see all the artists to do with the large letter in the background. Again anyone familiar with the iPhone or iPod Touch will feel instantly at home with how it works.

Apple's first small iPod with a touchscreen.
Apple's first small iPod with a touchscreen.

Other new design features

Volume buttons are a nice feature so if its in your pocket you can feel for the volume instead of having to bring it out into the open from your pocket. Nice feature for a touchscreen device! The menu is like a mini iPhone. If you have ever used one before, you will be used to the "app" style homepage. You can even choose your favourite icons, e.g. View Artists or Albums, and move the icons over onto your own homepage which is a nice customisation feature. Overall the interface of the new Nano 6G is highly impressive for such a compact screen. Menu navigation is smooth and fast, as described with the scrolling letter technique, whilst the contrast makes the screen easily viewable in most lightning conditions.

Whilst the interface of Nano blurs the lines of the iPod Touch, the additional clip on the back of the device makes its usage possibilities similar to an iPod Shuffle. Especially with its near half size and weight, it makes it ideal to clip to your clothes for the gym. Another great simple feature that Apple's designers seem to think of, although it does beg the question of whether the next generation Shuffle will exist or not. The only difference being the price.


Like mentioned before, Apple clearly didn't rush into making a small touchscreen device and it shows. The new Apple iPod Nano 6G is a superb device, with performance to match its looks. With 24 hours of battery life whilst listening to music non-stop, you will be a long way on your journey before it dies too. Overall this iPod deserves its market success it will likely get. A truly A-Class product which is without doubt the must have gadget this Christmas run up.

V Rating (Out of 5 V's)

Looks: VVVVV
Price: VVVVV
Overall (not an average): VVVVV

An unbelievable product, which is arguably the greatest and most versatile iPod yet. A real achievement.


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    • hewhohn profile image

      hewhohn 6 years ago

      Great stuff.

    • profile image

      Dorinda 6 years ago

      Seriously? Seriously? That should be a rating of 3 and that is being kind. I mean it is way overpriced for something that lacks every single feature added from gen 2 on out.

      No games. No video play black. Its one thing to get rid of the camera but game play is what made the nano worthwhile in the past.

      Only an idiot would buy that considering the next model will bring back the the old stuff.

      Oh and don't count on their being mini nano apps. You want apps you are going to have to buy a Touch or iPad because the nano is not made for the app store.

      Please use some common sense.

    • profile image

      bruce 7 years ago

      i agree with some users that it'll be better if apple would produce apps for this device. or maybe even a gps(you might get lost while jogging) and a wifi for emergencies. i think it will be simple enough for apple to do so. i'm very interested in this device end i'll definitely buy it if i find out that you ca put apps in it.

    • profile image

      nic 7 years ago

      can u put games onto the new ipod nano? Can anyone help me please?

    • profile image

      photochick 7 years ago

      I got the 6g Nano for Christmas - it's the first ipod and even the first Apple product I've ever owned. I have had other mp3 players before though.

      I love the 6g...but would really love to get some more apps. Hope they produce some for the 6g nano soon.

    • profile image

      aditya 7 years ago

      i am going to buy the nano and i think it is a very good product...i wanted the itouch but i have a phone and it(itouch) is as big as my phone, as far as the iphone goes i dont like it that much so the nano is great for me :D

    • theelhub profile image

      theelhub 7 years ago from UK

      @nilex Never underestimate the ability for Apple to rinse people of money. I think we will see some apps, but they will have to be unique to the nano. Also regarding price, this is a review it is opinion. I personally think the $13 extra over the 5th gen Nano is well worth it. You may not that is fine. Personally this is the only iPod I have ever been interested in.

      Looking at the comments the 6th Gen iPod Nano has definitely split peoples views. Perhaps they will now make another 5th gen style one with a wheel again as well as a mini touchscreen ipod.

    • nilex profile image

      nilex 7 years ago from new zealand

      @theelhub na i dont think so. First of all they dont have accelerometers and second the screens so small your gna have to wear glasses later on. So no apps i think.

      @ the owner of this hub

      The price 5/5?????? no review i have ever seen has give the price to the 6gen ipod even 8/10. I think your just trying to sell the affiliate products so you can make profit lol. Still at least tell the truth

      Only thing i agree is the looks, its pretty good. Also it is not light anyone who has clipped it on their sleeve while running will tell you that it is annoying because it keeps bouncing

    • profile image

      Radeon123 7 years ago

      rubbish the 6g is better

    • profile image

      ------------------- 7 years ago

      rubbish the 5g is better

    • theelhub profile image

      theelhub 7 years ago from UK

      I'd imagine iPod Nano will have mini apps soon. Its a big money maker for Apple. Mini Games being the obvious one.

    • profile image

      MoZA 7 years ago

      Hey guys, I have the new iPod and I absolutley love it. I'm just wondering now if it can have apps... I'm trying to figure it out but no results so far. Please help me if you can!!

      Thanks :)

    • theelhub profile image

      theelhub 7 years ago from UK

      I understand about the lack of camera, however personally I found it pointless on such a small device. The usefulness of the clip adds the V it loses for the camera and then some, as it truly is a useful addition to the Nano. The device can definitely just be used with one hand though. Your comment about car accidents made me laugh, I definitely do not recommend using ANY MP3 player whilst driving! Its illegal in the UK.

    • profile image

      hmmm 7 years ago

      Five V's in features? They gave up the camera and physical playback controls... now it takes TWO hands to use instead of one. I can imagine the car accidents... drive safely, this thing is hitting the roads, especially after christmas.


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